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Find Ankle Pain Relief Thanks to Regenerative Medicine

Achilles tendon ruptures, tendonitis, or ankle fracture can be some of the most common causes of ankle pain. These pains can stem from congenital issues, disease or infection. If you or a loved one have discomfort in the ankle, then regenerative medicine, otherwise referred to as stem cell therapy could bring the relief you need. Regenerative medicine can restore damage from congenital issues, trauma, and other afflictions that can induce agony in the ankle.

Regenerative medicine is becoming a more accepted and explored option for ankle pain sufferers. If traditional medicine has fallen flat or you are looking for an alternative to surgery and addictive pain meds, read below to learn more about the regenerative properties of stem cell-based therapy.

What Is Regenerative Medicine, And How Can It Help My Ankle Pain?

Regenerative medicine, or stem cell therapy, utilizes cells cultivated as essential cells that form more complex structures. Stem cells multiply, divide, and produce other cells that can transform into more specialized cells. Some types of cells produced are brain cells, bone marrow, red blood cells, heart muscle, and tissue cells. Most important to ankle pain relief is that of tissue cells, through mesenchymal stem cells, which repair damage and reduce musculoskeletal pain. Additionally, mesenchymal stem cells can be used for many other applications as they can adapt and generate new types of cells.

The Common Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a two-pronged approach that can reduce pain and restore function in some cases of injury or infection. First, stem cell usage is natural and uses the body’s natural regenerative qualities to rebuild and relieve damaged tissue or joints such as ankles. In most cases, save for the most extreme; patients will experience pain relief within several weeks of beginning therapy. Further, patients can expect the effects of regenerative medicine to continue to improve over several months or years with the continued use of stem cells. Using stem cells can lead to continuous and expansive pain relief. Best of all, regenerative medicine is non-invasive and does not require surgery or expensive and often addictive drugs.

Common Ankle Pain Causes

Several conditions can provoke ankle pain, most of which a doctor can treat via regenerative medicine practices. Sometimes damage and pain can be caused without injury and may not be immediately apparent to sufferers. Some of the most common causes of ankle pain include:

  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Achilles tendon damage or ruptures
  • Broken foot
  • Bursitis or joint inflammation
  • Osteoarthritis (a disease causing the breakdown of joints)
  • Avulsion fracture
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (inflammatory joint disease)

No matter the reason for your ankle pain, scheduling a consultation with a pain management expert at Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine will give you the care you need.

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Are you or a loved one suffering from mild or extreme ankle pain? Delaying treatment could increase the cost and complexity of care as well as increase the likelihood of further injury. Regenerative medicine can bring the ankle pain relief you may need and restore function in the days or weeks following an incident. No matter the cause or the severity of the injury, the experts at Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine can help! You can count on our team of board-certified regenerative medicine doctors to offer the highest quality care for you or your loved ones. You’re not alone in your pain; help is just around the corner.

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