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Stem Cell Banking near Detroit MI

Adult stem cells play a critical role in healing and regeneration within the body. They are directly responsible for your ability to heal from injuries, like broken bones and infections, and have the power to regenerate damaged tissue seamlessly.

However, science tells us that aging impairs stem cells, especially in late adulthood. Stem Cell Banking near Detroit ensures your future access to leading-edge stem cell treatments for symptoms related to joints and spine, all musculoskeletal injuries such as auto injuries and work-related injuries.

At The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we believe that proactivity is the secret to long-term health, and storing adult stem cells is one of the best ways to be proactive about future treatment options. We are proud to offer Stem Cell Banking near Detroit, including fully-managed adult stem cell harvesting, collection, separation, and storage options, to help you take an active role in your future health.

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Stem Cell Banking Facts

Most patients have heard of cord blood banking, the process of harvesting stem cells from the umbilical cord at birth. This is a single-shot opportunity that nets a tiny amount of stem cells for later use. While the cells harvested from this process can be lifesaving, especially for children with specific genetic conditions, the low amount of cells harvested limits the capabilities for use in long term regenerative medicine.

Stem Cell Banking near Detroit opens up new opportunities to harvest multiple times over the course of a patient’s life, building up a much larger reserve. Like cord blood stem cells, these cells are then stored for later use in advanced treatment methods.

In Adult Stem Cell Banking near Detroit, we harvest cells from bone marrow using a unique filtration process and relatively painless procedure. In just a single session, we can collect, identify, and isolate your stem cells from your body, regardless of how old you are or how healthy you are.

Why Bank Stem Cells Now?

You should start Stem Cell Banking near Detroit as soon as you can because stem cells slowly begin to lose efficiency over time. By age 60, your stem cells start to lose their ability to regenerate tissues and heal the body; by 80, stem cell efficiency drops off dramatically, leaving patients with a significantly impaired ability to self-heal.

Stem Cell Banking near Detroit allows for treatments delivering your younger stored stem cells back into the body. These younger cells function more efficiently and effectively than your older, natural cells.

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Younger Stem Cells are More Effective

Although patients may store stem cells at nearly any age, science tells us that Stem Cell Banking near Detroit works best earlier in life. The younger your stem cells are, the better they work and the higher affinity for healing they have. Of course, this means that cord blood cells and cells harvested in childhood are more potent than cells harvested later in life.

If you’re already in adulthood, storing cord blood isn’t an option for you. Even if you have stored cord blood, the small number of cells harvested from it may not be enough for long-term treatments. Harvesting now, regardless of your age, ensures your stored stem cells are as youthful as they possibly can be.

It may be impossible to become younger, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take action to store the best possible stem cells you have available right now. Invest in your future health now with Stem Cell Banking near Detroit and protect your ability to relieve pain and heal well into adulthood. Give us a call today at (248) 216-1008 to learn about your options for stem cell banking and how you can be proactive about your future.

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