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Back Pain Doctor in Michigan

It’s very unlikely that any one of us will get through the entirety of our lives without needing the services of a back-pain doctor in Michigan, or wherever we may happen to reside. Our back plays a very important part in our physical health, as not only does it support our torso, it also helps to support our head, and works with the legs to provide motion and the arms to provide support and strength. It’s no wonder problems with the back occur and the services of a back pain doctor are required.

There are Several Types of Back Pain Doctors in Michigan and Elsewhere

For most people when they wake up with a ‘bad back’ it’s because of muscle strain. There are a number of muscles in the back and straining one is fairly common. A short period of rest should be enough for recovery.

Muscle tears are much more complicated. Because the muscles in the back are in use every time we are in motion it can be hard to allow a muscle tear to heal as it’s impossible to remain perfectly motionless, and tears only heal if they are allowed to. If strain is placed on a tear within a muscle then it will often get worse.

A muscle is made up of countless thin fibers that contract and expand. If they are expanded too greatly or too quickly then they can snap. Because a number of fibers ‘share the load’ when the back is being used, fibers usually snap in groups, causing a tear.

Not only is a tear very painful at the very moment of the trauma, the area around the tear becomes inflamed and painful too. Most of us have experienced the ache of a ‘bad back’ but a severe back muscle tear can be acutely painful, and even unbearably so. When the pain of a bad back is not diminishing, it is time to consult the services of a back-pain doctor in Michigan, or wherever you are located.

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Here at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine we are experts at helping people with their back pain, and beyond the common assumption that the only solutions for chronic or long-term back pain are surgery or pain medicine. There are very natural alternatives such as regenerative medicine and we would be very happy to discuss them with you. Call us at (248) 216-1008 or contact us online today.

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