Why In-House Regenerative Medicine Labs Are Superior

At The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we have invested significant resources into providing the highest level of positive outcomes for our patients. To accomplish this goal, we have a state of the art regenerative medicine lab which gives us a number of advantages over other clinics who do not have such advanced equipment.

Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine Works with Greyledge Biotech

At The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we’ve worked with Greyledge Biotech, a leading provider of regenerative medicine lab services to office based clinics. Greyledge Biotech worked with our clinic to provide equipment, reagents chemicals and highly trained laboratory technicians who are able to provide the highest possible outcomes for our patients.

Why Our Approach is Superior to Traditional Regenerative Medicine Sample Collection

Most clinics that provide regenerative medicine utilize a bed side centrifuge where everything is completely automated. With this process you really have no control over the outcomes. Once the cells are in the centrifuge the work of the medical team is done. You can almost think of a bed side centrifuge as the “microwave” approach to regenerative medicine. Medical professionals have no control over the regenerative medicine process when using a bed side centrifuge.

An in-house regenerative medicine lab allows clinics to have a “chef’s kitchen” that allows experienced technicians to optimize based on an individual’s needs. At The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we’re able to optimize our regenerative medicine samples to help provide the highest level of outcomes compared to just sticking to the “microwave” style of regenerative medicine.

Wouldn’t you rather have the chef’s kitchen approach to regenerative medicine? If so, a call to Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine can be your first step to a new life and a new you!

Human Element Key to Positive Outcomes in Regenerative Medicine

With our in-house regenerative medicine lab, we have highly trained lab technicians who are able to optimize patient samples to provide the best outcome for our patients. This experience is almost impossible to replicate with an automated bed side centrifuge system.

Interested in Learning More About Our State of the Art Regenerative Medicine Lab? 

If you’re interested in learning more about regenerative medicine in general, or if you’d like to learn how our in-house regenerative medicine lab offers a number of advantages compared to the traditional bed side centrifuge way of collecting stem cells, give us a call today at (248) 216-1008 or send us an email using our online contact form.

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