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Regenerative Medicine in Michigan

You may have heard of regenerative medicine in Michigan, but you may not know that much about what it can do for your body and health. You may even have heard that regenerative medicine in Michigan is an effective alternative for surgery or opioid-based painkillers when it comes to pain management, but still remain in the dark. Allow us at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine to bring you into the light.

Regenerative Medicine in Michigan for the Treatment of Chronic Pain

There are millions of Americans across Michigan and the entire United States who have to deal with the daily nightmare of chronic pain. Common areas that are affected by chronic pain include the back, shoulders, neck and bones. The most frequent solutions suggested by physicians for the treatment of chronic pain are surgery, or an ongoing program of opioid-based painkillers.

Here at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine we feel there is a third solution – regenerative medicine in Michigan. Regenerative medicine is perfectly natural as it uses the body’s own natural resources in order to heal. For example, stem cells can be harvested from your own bone marrow or fat tissue and injected into the areas of your body that you are having issues with, promoting the body’s own natural healing processes.

Find Out About Regenerative Medicine in Michigan as an Effective and Safe Method of Pain Management

Too often over the past twenty years or so physicians have been too quick off of the mark to suggest opioid-based painkillers as the solution to chronic pain. This is why the US finds itself where it is today – in the grips of an opioid epidemic. As many as 130,000 people in America lose their lives every year because they were prescribed opioid-based medications and became dependent upon them. Why risk being added to this horrible statistic?

Regenerative medicine in Michigan allows you to explore a much safer solution to your chronic pain issues. You will not be required to take painkillers, meaning there is zero chance of addiction. Our services are purely natural and do not rely on the administration of synthetic and possibly addictive medicines.

Contact Us to Find Out How Regenerative Medicine in Michigan May be Able to Help You

To learn more about regenerative medicine in Michigan, please contact us here at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine. We can be contacted at (248) 216-1008, or via the online contact form that’s available on our website.

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