MCRM Introducing Intraosseous Injections for Improved Outcomes

At Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, our Board Certified physicians, Dr. Thomas Nabity and Dr. John Santa Ana are constantly investing in additional equipment and training to ensure they’re providing the highest level of regenerative medicine treatments in the country. One new procedure that we’ve added to our suite of services is intraosseous injections.

What are Intraosseous Injections?

In most regenerative medicine treatments, doctors will inject stem cells in the joint where a patient is having issues. With intraosseous injections, the injections are not only going in the joint, but they’re also being injected directly into the bone as well.

Intraosseous injections are typically more advanced than joint injections and can offer a number of benefits.

Benefits of Intraosseous Injections

  • Nourish bone where cartilage rests – Intraosseous injections helps heal and nourish the degenerative cartilage from the bone and joint inside out.  It’s a more natural way to nourish and heal degenerated joints.  It’s a more invasive and advanced procedure but can be beneficial for more severe cases of hip and knee osteoarthritis.
  • Can be used in more severe cases of arthritis – We are seeing strong benefits of trying these intraosseous injections in severe cases of arthritis where patients in the past may have had to elect to go straight to surgery.
  • More advanced non-surgical option – We’ve recently noticed that more of our patients are looking for a non-surgical option to deal with their pain. Before these patients may not have had many options, but intraosseous injections can be a way to look at an additional non-surgical option before fully giving up hope.
  • Outpatient procedure – As is the case with all of our regenerative medicine treatments, you’ll be able to return home the same day after receiving these injections.
  • Faster recovery time – With intraosseous injections you’ll enjoy much faster recovery time post injection with minimal weight bearing compared to traditional knee or hip replacements.
  • Not exhausting your treatment options – With regenerative medicine, you’re not exhausting your treatment options as opposed to joint replacements, which are finite and if they fail, additional treatment options are sparse.

Intraosseous Injections for Knee & Hip Pain

Currently we’re using intraosseous injections for patients dealing with knee and hip pain. While we may start using these injections on other areas, right now we’re focused on knees and hips.

Board Certified Physicians with Specialized Training in Interventional Pain Management

Both Dr. Nabity and Dr. Santa Ana have extensive training in interventional pain management which makes them ideal providers of intraosseous injections. Their extensive training around proper injection placement is critical when performing these types of injections. To learn more about intraosseous injections, or any of the other regenerative medicine procedures offered at our clinic in downtown Rochester, feel free to reach out to our team by phone today at (248) 216-1008 or through our online contact form.

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