Past Webinars

“Proven Back Pain Treatment Regenerative Medicine”

Dr. Nabity and Dr. Santa Ana discuss proven back pain treatment using regenerative medicine.

“Proven Hair Restoration Using Regenerative Medicine”

Dr. Nabity, Dr. Santa Ana and Tina Pawlich discuss hair restoration treatments using regenerative medicine.

“Regenerative Medicine for Shoulder Disorders”

Dr. Nabity and Dr. Santa Ana discuss shoulder disorder treatments using regenerative medicine.

“Ask the Experts”

Dr. Nabity and Dr. Santa Ana answered specific questions from the webinar attendees on regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy.

“The Truth About Regenerative Medicine”

Sit along with Dr. Nabity as he discusses the truths about regenerative medicine and how it is helping thousands of people.

“Regenerative Medicine For Knee Pain”

Dr. Nabity and Dr. Santa Ana discuss utilizing regenerative medicine to treat knee pain successfully.

“Regenerative Medicine for Hip Pain”

Dr. Nabity and Dr. Santa Ana discuss hip pain treatments using regenerative medicine.

Thomas Nabity Jr MD
John Santa Ana, DO

Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine Patient Testimonials

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