Nerve Pain Stimulation

Nerve Pain Stimulation

There are now several alternatives to chronic pain treatment other than the ‘tried and tested’ approaches of pain medication and extensive surgery. One of the ‘latest’ (even though it has been around since the 1960s) treatments is nerve pain stimulation. This is where tiny electrical devices are inserted into the skin in order to stimulate the nerves via a series of rapid, electromagnetic devices.

You may ask yourself what is ‘wrong’ with tried and tested chronic pain treatments such as painkillers and surgery. The answers are that (a) painkillers usually carry the risk of devastating addiction, and (b) surgery does not always make things better and indeed can make things worse or, at the least, make no difference whatsoever.

This is why alternative treatments such as nerve pain stimulation should at least be considered.

How Does Nerve Pain Stimulation Actually Work?

It is one of the jobs of your nervous system to tell your brain that you have received an injury. In order to so this, your nerves transmit information from the site where the injury has occurred. The brain interprets this information as pain. Because pain is such an unpleasant sensation, the brain (i.e. you) is encouraged to take steps to make the pain go away.

Over time and as we age, the parts of your nervous system that deal with the transmission of pain signals can become damaged by injury or disease. This can lead them to transmit pain signals when there is no injury, or from an area that was injured but has now healed. They may also transmit intense pain signals that are not in line with the actual extent of an injury.

By the insertion of nerve pain stimulation devices, a patient can be put in charge of their own pain. If placed near a nerve that is not functioning as it should, the patient can turn on the device, blocking the pain signals from reaching the brain. This can render chronic pain into nothing more than a dull ache, significantly improving a person’s quality of life.

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