First Michigan Doctor to Perform Cervical Intradiscal Bone Marrow Concentrate Injection

Procedure aims to provide relief to neck pain sufferers with little downtime and is a lower-risk alternative to surgery  

Rochester Hills, MI — As a leading board-certified nonsurgical orthopedic and pain management physician in Michigan, Dr. Thomas Nabity is pleased to have successfully performed the state’s first intradiscal bone marrow concentrate injection of the cervical disc.

This injection uses a patient’s own bone marrow concentrate, also known as BMC, to aid in treating a chronic painful condition in the neck. The process involves taking a small amount of bone marrow from the patient’s body and then processing it in a centrifuge. It is then injected back into the precise area of the disc that is causing the neck pain. From there, the stem cells and growth factors contained in the bone marrow promote healing of injured tissue.

Thus far, these types of injections have been used in areas that include joints, elbows and knees. And though a BMC injection in the cervical disc is much more intricate, the results can be lifechanging.

“The power of one’s own growth factors and stem cells are truly remarkable. And to be able to use these natural components of the body for healing chronic neck pain, not just masking pain, is a breakthrough in our industry,” Nabity said.

The other benefit of this treatment is that there is very little downtime, just about three days, though overall pain-relief benefits can take up to three months to fully develop.

Studies indicate that BMC injections can, indeed, alleviate various types of pain in the body. When targeting neck pain, this procedure can be a fantastic alternative to painful and risky surgery as well as pain medications.

As a pain management doctor for over 11 years, Dr. Nabity is thrilled to be able to provide a more natural pain-relief alternative to the neck pain population.

“I am pleased with the successfully performed procedure and optimistic about future procedures,” he said. “Most importantly, however, is that this advanced injection can offer pain relief to so many people who would normally be considering surgery, which comes with a higher risk, or addictive pain medication.”

The procedure is performed under oral or IV sedation, and advanced X-ray guidance ensures precision.  And though the treatment is in its initial stages and data is still being collected, Intradiscal BMC Injections could prove to offer a significant cost savings for both insurance companies and patients in the future.

Candidates for this procedure should be nonsmokers in good overall health and suffering with a chronic orthopedic condition or sports injury. A consultation can determine if you are an ideal candidate for the treatment.

Led by Dr. Thomas Nabity and Dr. John Santa Ana, The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine utilizes advanced techniques in regenerative medicine for patients with orthopedic conditions. As an alternative to surgical intervention and pain medication, regenerative medicine can provide positive outcomes and relief of back, neck and joint pain. Further, the practice incorporates a “whole well-being” approach to its care, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and customized treatment programs for patients to live full, pain-free lives.  

In addition to Intradiscal Bone Marrow Concentrate Injections, The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine provides Stem Cell Banking, Arthritis Repair, Pain Relief and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy as well as Prolotherapy. 

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