It’s National Correct Posture Month

Heed These 5 Tips For Better Posture

May is National Correct Posture Month, which means it’s the perfect time to explore some ways in which you can achieve better posture. After all, correct posture is essential to overall health, resulting in a variety of benefits such as reduced back and neck pain, increased energy, and greater confidence – not to mention, it can also prevent muscle tension, fatigue, and pain.

Risks and side effects of bad posture increase as we age. The scientific name for an extremely hunched posture is hyperkyphosis, and it affects two-thirds of senior women and half of all senior men, says NIH News in Health. Poor posture has been associated with weakness, back pain, and even trouble breathing – these all tend to limit everyday activities, such as getting dressed and brushing your hair.

Fortunately, there are many minimally invasive pain management techniques out there thanks to regenerative medicine that can help you repair the neck and lower back pain that has been caused by poor posture over the years.

Here are five tips to ensure better posture, and thus more comfort in everyday life.

1.    Sit Correctly at Your Desk

Many people who sit at a desk for long periods of time default to the slouching position without even realizing it. Try to be aware of your posture when working at a computer or listening in class. It’s better to sit upright as far back as possible in the chair. It helps to put a lumbar cushion or small, rolled towel at the middle of your back. This will protect your spine’s natural curve. Meanwhile, keep your knees bent at a right angle and feet flat on the floor. Make sure your knees remain at the same height or slightly higher than your hips.

2.     Avoid “Text Neck”

All the scrolling, calling, texting, and researching we do on our smartphones all day long can take a toll on our posture. Take a minute or two every so often to sit up straight and stretch your neck. Try some neck rolls going one way and then the other. Your spine is taking the brunt of the work when you spend so much time tilting your head down to check social media posts and respond to messages. Instead of looking down, bring the phone up to your eyes.

3.    Sit Upright in the Car

Reclining in a seat as a passenger on a long drive may seem comfortable but it does a number on your posture. Try to sit upright, whether you’re driving or sitting in the front passenger or back. Instead of locking your legs, bend your knees slightly to ensure they’re at hip level or slightly above your hips. Add a rolled-up towel or small pillow behind your back for extra comfort and support.

4.    Wear Heels Sparingly

Heels may look great for an occasional night out, but it’s best to leave the pumps and stilettos in the closet if you want to preserve your posture. Heels tend to thrust the base of the spine forward, giving you an over-arched back. This can change how your backbone lines up, adding pressure on your nerves and causing back pain. High heels also put more weight on your knees, so choose a lower heel or flats for everyday use.

5.    Sleep Comfortably

Easier said than done, we know. But if you can, replace your soft, saggy mattress with a firmer one that can hold your spine’s natural shape better. Side sleepers should keep their knees slightly bent without hugging them to the chest. Place a pillow under your head so it stays level with your spine. Back sleepers should do away with a thick pillow and use a small one under the neck instead.

When you take the above tips into consideration, you will feel more physically fit with greater confidence to tackle everyday activities. Good posture doesn’t get a lot of hype, but it works behind the scenes to make you look and feel better on a daily basis.

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