MCFRM Now Offering Regenerative Medicine Treatments for Out of Town Patients

While the team at Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine is based in Michigan, we’re seeing that out of town patients are coming to us more and more for a variety of different regenerative medicine treatments. You don’t have to let geography hinder you when it comes to getting the best possible medical care with some of the most forward-thinking physicians in the regenerative medicine field. We frequently see patients from Canada, as well as all across Michigan and the surrounding areas.

Clinic Procedures for Out of Town Patients 

Below are just a few of the ways we make regenerative medicine treatments as easy as possible for our out of town patients. This is one of the main reasons why our word of mouth referrals continue to grow.

  • Initial Telemedicine Consultation – When we first talk with an out of town patient, we’ll schedule a telemedicine consultation which consists of a video conference where all of the details of your condition are discussed. This consultation gives patients a chance to ask any questions that they may have about a procedure.
  • Examine Images/MRI/X-rays – After our initial consultation we’ll instruct you to send over any images, MRI’s and X-rays to our clinic. Our board-certified physicians will examine these materials to formulate an effective treatment plan.
  • Travel to Our Clinic for Procedure – When you travel to our clinic for your regenerative medicine procedure, we’ll be ready for you and will limit the travel time as much as possible. Many of our patients are even able to drive home the same day after a procedure is completed.
  • Local Recommendations – Because we want your experience at our clinic to be as enjoyable as possible, we’ll also provide you with hotel and restaurant recommendations, as well as a robust list of things to do in our area.
  • Follow Up Consultation – After you leave our clinic, we’ll schedule a virtual telemedicine follow up consultation where we can discuss how your treatment is progressing.

Learn More About Our Regenerative Medicine Treatments for Out of Town Patients

If you’re interested in regenerative medicine but are worried about the distance to our clinic, feel free to give us a call today to discuss our procedures for out of town patients. We’ll be sure to answer any questions you may have so that you can be 100% confident in the care you will receive at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine. Give us a call today at (248) 216-1008 to schedule your initial consultation.

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