Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine – 2023 Year In Review

As we come to the end of 2023, the team at The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine is hugely grateful to our patients, both past and present. We’re so proud of what we’ve been able to build here in Rochester, and we’re excited about all of the amazing opportunities we see for continuing to provide the highest quality regenerative medicine procedures in Michigan and beyond. We thought it would be a good idea to share some of the highlights of 2023, in terms of the large number of regenerative medicine procedures we completed during the year and some new developments that are ongoing within our Rochester-based regenerative medicine clinic.

2023 By The Numbers

This data is current as of the end of November 2023.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Procedures

In 2023, we completed more than 300 PRP or platelet-rich plasma procedures. As you can see from the graph, the most common conditions we treated with PRP were knee pain, back pain, and shoulder and hip pain.

PRP Results

BMC (Bone Marrow Concentrate) Procedures

In 2023, we completed 190 BMC procedures, also commonly referred to as stem cell procedures. The most common conditions treated with stem cells were similar to PRP: knee pain, back pain, and shoulder and hip pain.

BMC Results

Determining whether to use PRP or stem cells to treat your condition is a decision that is best made during a consultation with one of our Board-Certified physicians. Typically, we recommend PRP for mild-moderate cases, and once a case gets to the moderate-high stage, we’ll often recommend stem cell injections.

Technology at The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine Continues to Separate Our Clinic

One of the critical indications of positive outcomes in regenerative medicine has to do with injection technique and injection location. At The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we have the latest imaging technology, such as the C-Arm, which allows us to identify the ideal location for our injections to provide the highest probability of success.

Because we track our outcomes through our DataBiologics registry, we can see that our unique treatment techniques are working. In 2024, he hope to provide even more transparency in terms of showing more of the data we’ve been gathering over the past several years through our registry, which shows how many of our patients are seeing lasting benefits from regenerative medicine procedures.

We’re Excited to Add Windsor Based Doctor Curt Wimmer to Our Team

Another new development in the evolution of The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine is the addition of a new doctor, Dr. Curt Wimmer, who is based in Windsor, Ontario. We have heard from many of our Canadian neighbors that they wanted a way to meet with a doctor to determine if regenerative medicine might be a good fit for them. Now, we can provide this level of care to our patients. Patients can visit Dr. Wimmer in his Windsor office, and he can examine them to determine if a regenerative medicine procedure may be a good option. Once this determination is made, you can travel to our Rochester, MI, office for the regenerative medicine procedure. Dr. Nabity and Dr. Wimmer have been friends for many years, and both are excited about the ability to provide better access to not only regenerative medicine procedures but also additional healthcare procedures where wait times in Canada may be longer.

Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine Adding a New Location in 2024

Another exciting announcement is that we’re working to add a new location in 2024. There will be a more formal announcement as details are finalized, but expect to hear from us in the first quarter of 2024 regarding a new location!

Thank You From The Team at Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine!

Our team at The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine wants to thank you for helping us grow in 2023. We’re excited about all we have in store for 2024, and know that we’re always here if you have any questions about any of the procedures we provide at our regenerative medicine clinic. We can be reached by phone at (248) 216-1008.

We look forward to serving the Rochester and surrounding communities in 2024 and beyond!

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