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The shoulder is one of the most complicated, and most flexible joints of the human body. The shoulder not only has to maintain the connection between the torso and the arm, it helps the neck to support the head and adds to body strength when the muscles in the arm are used. There is a lot that can go wrong with the shoulder, and when something does go wrong the services of a shoulder pain doctor in Michigan or elsewhere are needed.

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Examining the Complex Anatomy of the Shoulder Joint

The shoulder is actually made up of five separate bones – the humerus (upper arm), acromion, coracoid, clavicle (collar bone) and scapula (shoulder blade). These five bones move in harmony in order to create the shoulder’s flexibility.

In order for these bones to support the arm, neck, head and torso they are connected to the rest of the body by a series of muscles and ligaments. Broken bones in the shoulder (except, perhaps, for the collar bone) are not common, but tears in the muscles and ligaments are.

Even mundane tasks can cause shoulder issues, but repeated, repetitive use of the shoulder joint is the most common cause for which a shoulder doctor in Michigan may be needed. Minor strains of the shoulder muscles need time to recover, and if that time is not given then the tears will get worse and as a result, pain will ensue. Ligaments also may be placed under strain and tear away from the bone. Rehabilitation from shoulder injuries is typically slow, as nearly every use of the upper body involves the shoulder in some way.

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If you have consulted your physician about your shoulder pain then you may have been told that the ‘only’ solution available to you is surgery and/or pain medication. We implore you to consult a shoulder pain doctor in Michigan at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine in order to discuss alternatives first. We will do all we can to cure your shoulder pain, and to get your shoulder functioning back to the way in which it should.

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