We Are Elated To Welcome John Santa Ana, DO To The Team

In an effort to stay on the cutting edge of physical medicine and rehabilitation, The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine is proud to welcome Dr. John Santa Ana to our team. Dr. Santa Ana brings with him a wealth of experience as a physician specializing in Interventional Sports, Joints and Spine treatments. Dr. Santa Ana did much of his medical training at The Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC and is a veteran himself who has spent a large portion of his career giving back by treating our nation’s war heroes.

We thought it would be a good idea to sit down with Dr. Santa Ana to showcase a bit about his background and expertise in the regenerative medicine arena.

What are some emerging trends that you think are exciting in the world of musculoskeletal medicine? 

“In the field of musculoskeletal medicine, I predict that regenerative medicine will one day be the first line of treatment for musculoskeletal injuries as opposed to invasive surgeries and other less effective temporary treatments. With regenerative medicine, we’re going back and enhancing the body’s natural process of healing, which is the best possible process of all.”

How do you feel your skills complement Dr. Nabity’s?

“One of the reasons why Dr. Nabity and I hit it off so well not just as friends, but as colleagues as well is that we both have very similar training backgrounds and philosophies surrounding patient care. It’s very refreshing to worh with someone with a similar background as well as someone who has similar goals related to patient care. We both started our journey into regenerative medicine around the same time and so we’ve been acquaintances for quite some time, and are extremely excited to be working together at The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine.”

Stop By Our Medical Office to Welcome Dr. John Santa Ana

If you’re interested in setting up a consultation with Dr. Santa Ana, or just want to learn more about our regenerative medicine services, feel free to reach out to our team at The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine today. We can be reached by phone at (248) 216-1008 or feel free to stop by our medical office in Rochester Hills.

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