Could Younger Stem Cells be Used as a Proactive Health Maintenance Measure?

When you think of stem cell harvesting or banking, you may immediately think of harvesting a newborn baby’s stem cells. You have likely heard that the umbilical cord is full of stem cells which can help protect against cancer, blood disorders and immune disorders that may occur later in life. You should also know that stem cells can also be effectively harvested from adults to protect against potential health issues and can be used as a proactive health maintenance measure to give you peace of mind about your health and your future.

Harvesting Your Own Stem Cells

The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine harvests stem cells from your bone marrow to help protect against conditions such as relief from chronic pain, osteoarthritis, spinal disc herniation, neck pain (including whiplash), rotator cuff disorders, labral tears of the hip or shoulder, sacroiliac (SI) joint disorders, spinal facet joint syndromes, tendonitis, bursitis and many others. This stem cell harvesting process is minimally-invasive and highly effective, using your body’s own most potent healing cells to help you maintain your health as you age. The stem cell harvesting procedure takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and can generally be completed using only a local anesthetic.

Stem cells serve as a sort of repair system for your body. They are actually the strongest healing cells that humans have in our bodies. Harvesting your stem cells while you are younger and healthy can put you in a strong position as you age and face many different health conditions. Stem cell banking can keep your stem cells viable and ready to be used when you need them. This can prevent surgery, significant medical intervention and decrease the use of addictive medications that only put a band-aid on a health problem.

Stem Cell Banking: Cutting Edge Preventative Medicine

There are many ways that you can be proactive about your long- term health. Using your own stem cells is an effective way to combat chronic pain, orthopedic issues and other health conditions that you might face as you age. The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine specializes in this approach. Our team can give you more information about the stem cell banking process, answer your questions and let you know if you might be a good candidate for this proactive procedure. If you are ready to take a first step toward your future health, contact us at (248) 216-1008 for more information.

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