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Dr. John Santa Ana Spoke At The Rochester’s Older Persons’ Commission (OPC)

One of our goals at The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine is to educate the community about the many benefits of regenerative medicine. One way that we help educate the greater community is through speaking engagements. We were recently invited to discuss regenerative medicine at the Older Persons’ Commission in Rochester, MI.

What is the Rochester Older Persons’ Commission?

The Older Persons’ Commission is a social and activity center for individuals in Rochester, MI, who are 50+ years of age. This facility offers various fitness, social, aquatic, travel, and personal enrichment activities. The 90,000+ square foot facility is popular among 50+ individuals looking to enrich their lives through physical and social activities.

Who Can Go to the Rochester Older Persons’ Commission?

Residents 50+ years of age who live in Rochester, Rochester Hills, and the Charter Township of Oakland are all eligible to use the Older Persons’ Commission facility in Rochester, MI.

What Did Dr. John Santa Ana Discuss With OPC Members?

Dr. Santa Ana was asked to speak to members of the Older Persons’ Commission to discuss regenerative medicine and the many amazing breakthroughs happening in this growing segment of minimally invasive medical treatment.

Dr. Santa Ana talked about some common medical problems many patients who go to the OPC experience, including back pain, knee pain, and other musculoskeletal issues. He discussed various treatment options for chronic pain, including injections, nerve blocks, and different regenerative medicine procedures such as PRP, prolotherapy, stem cell injections, and many others.

Dr. Santa Ana Stressed That All Regenerative Medicine Clinics Are Not Created Equal

Dr. Santa Ana talked about how, with new medical technology like regenerative medicine, a variety of clinicians may not be operating in the patient’s best interest. Patients must look at the following regarding all regenerative medicine procedures:

  • Who is performing the injections? – Is a Board-Certified doctor performing the regenerative medicine injections? If not, is the clinician adequately trained to perform this procedure?
  • Where are the biologics coming from and what is the dose? – Are the cells coming from you or someone else? In addition, you must know how many cells are being injected because having the correct dose of orthobiologics can help to improve outcomes. If your provider can’t give you this information, you should look for another regenerative medicine clinic.
  • How does the clinic track outcomes? – It’s essential to know how and if the clinic tracks outcomes. At The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we have a robust database that can show patients data that tracks the positive outcomes for a large segment of our patients.
  • Regenerative medicine is not a panacea – It’s essential to understand that while regenerative medicine benefits many patients, it’s not a one-size-fits-all treatment. You must work with a licensed doctor who will provide you with an honest treatment plan that will help you reduce your chronic pain as safely and realistically as possible.

Are You Interested in Learning More About Regenerative Medicine? Contact Our Clinic Today!

Contact the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine today if you’re intrigued by regenerative medicine or are dealing with a chronic musculoskeletal injury. We’ll happily schedule a consultation with one of our Board-Certified physicians to discuss your needs.

We’re honored to have been offered the opportunity to speak at the Older Persons’ Commission in Rochester, and we look forward to helping further educate the residents of our community about the many benefits of regenerative medicine.

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