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Importance of Doctor Patient Relationship at Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine

Unfortunately, some regenerative medicine clinics are focused more on getting patients in and out of their offices as opposed to positive outcomes. This is one of the main reasons that Dr. Thomas Nabity and Dr. John Santa Ana started the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine. Our approach to working with our patients is much different compared to many other regenerative medicine clinics across the country.

The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine Difference

You’ll notice a major difference the moment you arrive for your consultation with one of our Board Certified Physicians. This consultation is not a quick “assembly line” type of appointment. Instead, it will last roughly an hour where you’ll sit down with one of our doctors who will listen to your goals and discuss the variety of treatment options that are available to you. We’ll then make sure you’re comfortable and understand your choices. The doctor that you see during your initial consultation is the same doctor who will be your main point of contact throughout your time at our clinic. This is much different than other medical practices where you may initially meet with a doctor, but will likely have follow up consultations with a PA or other medical professional.

Treatment Plan Based on Your Goals

Our doctors will work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that fits your exact needs. This treatment plan may consist of regenerative medicine procedures, but it also may include other more traditional medical treatments or lifestyle choices. The beauty of working with the team at MCRM is that you’re working with highly trained doctors who can offer a more comprehensive approach to deal with any health issues you may have compared to other clinics who may be incentivized to only offer regenerative medicine treatments.

At MCRM, We’re Focused on Patient Outcomes Above All Else

When you set foot in our clinic, you’ll quickly realize that positive patient outcomes are our ultimate focus. This is independent of a certain treatment method. Each staff member at our clinic is completely focused on helping our patients to get better regardless of the treatment modality. Should you have questions at any point during your treatment journey, our doctors are always here to help you completely understand your treatment plan, as well as any issues you may face throughout the process.

The team at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine is ready and waiting to help you feel better each and every day. We want you to get back to a pain free life thanks to our variety of treatment options, some of which utilize regenerative medicine, while others use more traditional treatment options. To learn more about the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine difference, feel free to give our team a call today at (248) 216-1008, or through our online contact form.

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