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New Tracking Technology Offers Deeper Insight into Patient Procedures and Outcomes

Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine’s New Tracking Technology Offers Deeper Insight into Patient Procedures and Outcomes

Advanced database technology DataBiologics allows for collaboration with other clinics across the country as well as data collection and analysis

Rochester Hills, MI — Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, a leading-edge orthopedic and pain management practice in southeast Michigan, continues to blaze the trail when it comes to providing cutting-edge procedures based on research and data.

The practice is proud to have introduced the DataBiologics platform, which offers patient data collection and physician collaboration to determine the efficacy and safety of orthobiologic procedures.

“The beauty of DataBiologics is that it helps us make not only more informed treatment recommendations and decisions, but also to provide better patient care while also helping to catapult the regenerative medicine industry forward,” noted Dr. Thomas Nabity of Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine.

The user-friendly system is both patient and doctor interfacing. Patients complete health and recovery surveys on any mobile phone or via email at pre-determined periods of time following a procedure. Using standardized functional surveys for various orthopedic conditions, the system tracks patients results in the secure database and allows doctors to view the information and collaborate in real time.

“This technology is remarkable in that it allows not just our clinic — but clinics across the country — to track procedure outcomes,” said Dr. John Santa Ana, also of Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine.

“With this information, we can better assess patient recovery and ensure what we are doing is as effective as possible.

The doctors say this data collection is imperative reaching the long-term goal of regenerative medicine being covered under health insurance plans and, ultimately, allowing everyone better access to treatments that can provide pain relief without surgery or pain medication.

“At our practice, it is vital to us to remain on the cutting-edge of technology so that we are always putting patient safety, health and results first,” said Nabity. “And DataBiologics is one of those forward-thinking best practices that allows for this.

Founded by Dr. Thomas Nabity Jr., MD, and Dr. John Santa Ana, DO, Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine offers a modern alternative to surgery when it comes to pain management utilizing regenerative medicine methods for those with orthopedic conditions. Treatments use the body’s own natural components, such as stem cells and growth signals from plasma, that are injected into the area in need. This type of treatment seeks to eliminate the use of painkillers, which simply mask pain and can be highly addictive, and also provides a viable alternative to surgery.

Further, the practice focuses on patients’ wellbeing in its entirety, incorporating plans and recommendations for diet, exercise, and wellness. The facility also offers a medical spa division specializing in PRP facials and PRP shots for erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence.

Led by Dr. John Santa Ana and Dr. Thomas Nabity, The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine treats orthopedic conditions with advanced techniques in regenerative medicine to provide patients an alternative to surgery and the use of pain medication. The practice does this through Arthritis Repair, Stem Cell Banking, Pain Relief, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, Prolotherapy and more to provide relief from back, neck and joint pain and offers a holistic approach to care with customized treatment protocol. 

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