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Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Hip Pain

Many people struggling with hip pain are usually told by their healthcare providers that surgery is the only option. This disappoints many people who do not wish to be placed under the surgeon’s knife. Surgery is never a simple procedure and carries risks, such as the risk of infection.

When told that surgery is their only option, people often question this and seek alternative non-surgical treatment options for hip pain. They are, therefore, delighted to find that non-surgical treatment options for hip pain exist and have been proven effective in many cases.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Hip Pain – What Are the Options?

There are a vast number of issues with the hip that can cause hip pain to be felt. These include labrum tears, tendon tears, osteoarthritis, and the simple degeneration of the condition of the hip as we age. Non-surgical treatment options have been proven effective for hip pain experienced from all these conditions.

One such treatment is stem cell therapy. This effective treatment is minimally invasive and much less invasive than surgery. Stem cell therapy is where bone marrow is removed from your own body, concentrated, and then injected into the area of your hip where you are experiencing the worst levels of pain.

Your bone marrow will contain stem cells, which will help your body to accelerate its natural healing processes, which will cause the pain signals you are experiencing to lessen or cease. As part of the healing process, healthy new tissue will be generated, helping your hip to stabilize so that it functions better and has increased levels of mobility.

How Effective Will Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Hip Pain Be?

In a Regenexx study of patients conducted in 2021, before their non-surgical treatments for hip pain, patients reported that they felt, on average, that their hip was functioning at around 49 percent of its optimal ability. Just one month after treatment, this average estimate was already up by ten percent to 59 percent. The longer time went on, the more function was recovered, and four years after treatment, patients reported that they had regained, on average, 76 percent of their optimal hip function.

In the same study, people were asked to rate their current hip pain on a scale of zero to ten, with zero being no pain and ten being unbearable. Before treatment, the average patient score in terms of pain being felt was 4.9. Just one month after treatment, the average score had dropped to 3.4; the longer the time went on, the pain levels continued to decline. After four years, the average pain score was as low as 1.8.

These figures prove that not only are non-surgical treatments effective for the reduction in the levels of pain experienced by patients, but they are also effective at helping restore the natural functioning of the hip.

If you are dealing with the everyday issue of hip pain and you have lost many functions in your hip, then please come and talk to the Board Certified doctors at Macomb Pain Management, especially if your regular healthcare provider has advised you that surgery is your only option and you are currently seeking effective alternatives. By talking to us, you will be able to discover whether you are a potential candidate for our non-invasive treatments, and you will also be able to ask any questions about our therapies that you may have. You can talk to us anytime at (248) 844-8281 or via email using our online contact form.

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