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Stem Cell Banking FAQ

At the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we’re constantly helping our patients manage pain without expensive and addictive pain medications or surgery. One of the newest areas of medicine that we’re most passionate about is stem cell banking. We feel very strongly that stem cell banking is key to long term health and we’ve put together a Stem Cell Banking FAQ to hopefully answer some of the questions you may have about the procedure.

What is Stem Cell Banking? 

First off, stem cell banking is an investment in your health future. There have been a number of clinical trials that have shown stem cells can assist with a wide array of health issues including everything from Alzheimer’s to arthritis.

Stem cell banking is simply the harvesting and storage of adult mesenchymal stem cells that can be stored and used later in life to treat a variety of health conditions.

How is the Stem Cell Harvesting Performed? 

Stem cell harvesting is typically done via a bone marrow biopsy, which may seem extremely painful, but if done properly with either ultrasound or x-ray guidance, it should be virtually pain free. We allow our patients the option of pain medication prior to the procedure which can aid with discomfort during the procedure, but our doctors are highly experienced in this procedure and an effective bone marrow biopsy simply comes down to proper technique.

What Are Some Things to Look for When Choosing a Provider?

So you’ve chosen to go through with stem cell banking, and now you have to choose a provider. You’ll want to find one that focuses on stem cell banking as one of their primary specialties. For instance, a pain specialist or an anesthesiologist would have core training that would make them an ideal candidate to perform stem cell banking procedures.

Dr. Nabity has specialty interventional pain training, which is training which shows that he is certified in proper needle placement. He’s also accredited with the American Pain Society and recognized as a Registered Diagnostic Muscoskeletal Stenographer.

Why Choose the Center for Regenerative Medicine for Stem Cell Banking?

The biggest reason to work with our team is that we’re committed to focusing on quality over profits. In fact, we welcome other providers to come to our facility for training because we feel that the need for stem cell banking is so large that we simply can’t provide the service for everyone. All of our decisions are supremely focused on providing the best possible technique for our clients, and it’s our belief that by doing so, the results will follow. For more information on stem cell banking, feel free to reach out to our team today by phone at (248) 216-1008 or through the contact form on our website.

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