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Stem Cell Therapy near Windsor Canada

Do you feel fit and healthy? If you do, then great! However, can you be one hundred percent certain that you will feel fit and healthy for the rest of your life? Even the fittest individuals can suffer injuries and degenerative illnesses as they age, so the best policy is to be prepared for them.

One superb way in which you can defeat injuries and degenerative illnesses is with stem cell therapy near Windsor, Canada, and our team here at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine is here to tell you how.

Stem Cell Therapy near Windsor, Canada is Often a More Successful Treatment Than ‘Traditional’ Methods

Physicians are quick to recommend surgery or pain medication as the ‘only way to cure’ certain ailments, such as plantar fasciitis, spinal disc herniations, and tendonitis. We often see patients researching their own solutions, and they end up coming to us as they want to learn about the benefits of stem cell therapy near Windsor, Canada.

Stem cells are your body’s own superheroes. They can mutate into any kind of cell that your body requires, and your body does what it can with them in order to cure injuries and ailments. With stem cell therapy near Windsor, Canada, we simply give your body the helping hand it needs to cure your issues faster and more efficiently.

You may be wondering what happens during stem cell therapy near Windsor, Canada. Stem cells are manufactured by your body within your bone marrow (fat cells too, but for the conditions we treat at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, stem cells from bone marrow work much more effectively). We remove them via an easy process, then isolate them using centrifugal technology. We then inject them into the areas of your body where you have suffered an injury or are experiencing some form of physical issue.

Stem Cell Therapy near Windsor, Canada Has a Huge Number of Benefits

Our treatments work much faster than traditional ones, and there is a minimal amount of recovery time, unlike the weeks or months associated with surgery. Stem cell therapy can repair and replace damaged tissue and there is no need for long periods of medication, which of course would also come with the threat of damaging addiction.

To learn more about stem cell banking near Windsor, Canada or to schedule your appointment with us, please feel free to contact the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine at (248) 216-1008, or contact us online using our contact form.

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