Who is a Good Candidate for Stem Cell Injections for Back Pain Treatment

In a recent webinar that was hosted by the doctors at The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we received an interesting question that we thought could be expanded on with a blog post. The question was, “who is a good candidate for stem cell injections for back pain treatment?” We hear some version of this question a lot when meeting with potential patients and while it can be a bit complex, we think it’s important to discount some of the misconceptions related to regenerative medicine and back pain treatment.

How to Know if You’re a Good Candidate for Stem Cell Injections? 

If you’re currently struggling with back pain, keep the following information in mind to determine if you’re a good candidate for stem cell injections:

  • Healthy Lifestyle – Typically individuals who are in good overall health are strong candidates for regenerative medicine or PRP treatments.
  • Your Age – Some people assume that as they age, they become less qualified for regenerative medicine treatments. This is actually not the case. As long as you’re a healthier individual regenerative medicine can still be highly effective. What is true is that a younger person tends to have less health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes and other ailments. However, healthy older individuals can still benefit from stem cell injections for back pain treatment.
  • Severity of Your Injury – When determining if you’re a good candidate for stem cell injections it’s important that your doctor understands the severity of your injury. Rather than forcing treatment to early, our board certified doctors sit down with you to understand your injuries and lay out a plan for treatment. Depending on the severity of your injuries, we’ll do our best to reverse the process of degeneration and put you on a path to recovery thanks to the marvels of regenerative medicine.
  • Not all Regenerative Medicine Clinics Are Created Equal – When you’re looking for a regenerative medicine clinic you want to make sure the medical professionals you’re working with have the proper credentials and experience. At The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine we have two board certified doctors on staff who will ensure you receive the proper treatment based on your individual needs.

Interested in a Consultation with One of Our Board Certified Doctors?

If you’re experiencing back pain and are interested in learning how regenerative medicine treatments could provide relief, don’t hesitate to reach out to The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine today. We can be reached by phone at (248) 216-1008.

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