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Can Hair Grow Back from Thinning

More than half of men in their 40s experience significant hair thinning, but the thinning process may start much earlier than that. In fact, 16% of adult men under 30 report hair thinning. No matter what age or gender you may be, hair thinning can affect your confidence. Let’s look at some ways you may be able to regrow your hair after hair loss.

You Can Reignite Dormant Hair Follicles

One of the best ways to reverse the effects of hair thinning is with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments. PRP treatments for hair restoration revitalize dormant hair follicles on your scalp. PRP uses cells from your own body to stimulate follicles and thicken your hair. Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine has seen tremendous success with PRP hair restoration for qualified candidates.

It’s important to note that PRP cannot grow hair back in bald areas. This treatment requires existing follicles to work properly. That’s why we emphasize success for qualified candidates. We will never recommend PRP if we do not think it will fulfill your needs.

If you have a bald area that you would like to grow hair in, one of the other options listed below may be a better starting point for you. Then, you can explore PRP once you have follicles available.

Hair Restoration Options for Bald Spots

If you have completely bald areas on your scalp, you have the option of getting a follicle transplant, otherwise known as a hair transplant. There are different types of follicle transplants available, but they are all designed to put follicles in places where they’re missing. If you pursue PRP before the follicles die off, you may be able to avoid getting a hair transplant altogether. But if this becomes the best treatment path for you, you can use PRP to further stimulate hair growth after transplant.

Ongoing Hair Treatment for Thinning Hair

Unfortunately, there is no cure for hair thinning. You can take preventative steps to keep your hair thick as long as possible, but it’s best to plan for ongoing treatments. If you pursue PRP hair restoration, we can tailor a plan based on the state of your hair thinning and your desired goals.

The good news is that there are solutions available for almost all hair-thinning situations. The PRP specialists at Michigan Center For Regenerative Medicine are here to help! Call (248) 216-1008 to schedule your consultation for PRP hair restoration therapy.

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