Can PRP Cure Hair Loss? Discover What It Can and Can’t Do

Are you looking for a way to reverse balding and cure hair loss? There isn’t a magic pill to bring your hair back, but there are ways to restore your hair and your confidence. Let’s take a look at what platelet-rich plasma can and cannot do for your hair loss.

How Platelet-Rich Plasma Hair Restoration Works

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments have been around since the ’70s, and they’re now used in various medical fields. In the world of hair restoration, PRP uses some of the natural cells in your body to stimulate your hair follicle production.

The follicles in your scalp are seeds waiting to grow, and sometimes they need extra encouragement to sprout. If they’re left unattended for too long, they may die off and stop producing altogether. PRP acts like a fertilizer to revive your hair follicles and optimize their output.

PRP Can Thicken and Ignite Existing Hair Follicles

PRP maximizes the output of your existing hair follicles. If you have thinning hair that isn’t completely bald yet, PRP can bring those spots back to life. Most clients complete 3-4 initial sessions of PRP, spaced about four weeks apart. Then, they return for booster treatments to maintain their hair thickness as needed.

PRP Cannot Regrow Hair Follicles That Are No Longer There

PRP is not a treatment option for bald areas without follicles. You can use PRP after a follicle transplant to optimize your results, but PRP will not regrow follicles that are no longer there.

This is one of the main reasons we offer a free PRP consultation at Michigan Center For Regenerative Medicine. We want to make sure you’re a good candidate for PRP before we start you on a treatment plan. You can use PRP in conjunction with other hair restoration options to restore your hair after hair loss.

PRP Can Treat Hair Thinning, But…

It cannot cure hair loss. The word “cure” suggests that the treatment eliminates the underlying issue completely. PRP cannot do that. Nevertheless, this hair restoration method can restore your hair thickness and reduce the progression of hair loss.

Michigan Center For Regenerative Medicine has a tremendous success rate for PRP hair restoration. We work with each client closely to find the best treatment path for their goals, lifestyle, budget, and stage of hair loss. If you would like a consultation with a PRP hair treatment specialist in Michigan, please call (248) 216-1008.

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