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Thanks to medically proven advancements in regenerative medicine, patients suffering from chronic pain can recover more quickly and achieve better results at much lower costs. Using the body to heal the body, regenerative medicine is a non-surgical technique used to address anything from labral tears of the shoulder or hip to rotator cuff damage and osteoarthritis. Here at The Michigan Center For Regenerative Medicine, we know that this approach brings fewer side effects, less recovery time, and more effective results – all without the need for opioids (highly addictive and nearly impossible to withdraw from) and invasive surgery (accompanied by long recovery times).

Yes, traditional treatments are still needed in modern medicine, but we feel there is another alternative out there to patients who are tired of putting a Band-Aid on their symptoms in the form of cortisone shots, medication and surgery. Regenerative medicine in Rochester Hills MI offers the answer you may be looking for.

Current evidence-based and palliative treatments can’t always keep up with patients’ needs, especially for our senior citizens, with few effective ways to treat the root causes of many diseases, injuries and congenital conditions, according to the Mayo Clinic. As a result, many patients may feel like they are left with seemingly few options for relief, such as highly addictive opioids, devices, regular cortisone injections, or surgery. Regenerative medicine in Rochester MI can provide much-needed solutions.

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Leading the Charge in Pain Management

Regenerative medicine, while it has been around for quite some time, has only recently been used in mainstream pain management applications. By replacing, repairing and regenerating cells, tissue and organs, this technique can ensure restored function. If you’ve become increasingly frustrated with solutions that only serve to mask the real problem, now’s the time to consider something revolutionary. With the ability to completely heal damaged tissues and organs, regenerative medicine in Rochester Hills offers hope to those who live with pain every single day.

There are many advantages to employing the use of regenerative medicine in Rochester Hills MI. From a boost in life expectancy to improvements in health-related quality of life, we are seeing increasing use of this approach to lessen recovery times and produce more effective results across the board. Another main benefit of regenerative medicine is a reduced reliance on opiates. With nearly 100 Americans dying each year due to opioid overdose, this is an alarming national health crisis that could be prevented or reduced with a more natural healing approach.

Yet another benefit is the potential to cure deadly degenerative diseases like ALS, which sees about 5,000 people diagnosed annually. Finally locating a cure for diseases like this through regenerative medicine is a goal of many scientists, doctors and researchers today. We are at the cutting edge of this application.

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