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A physiatrist in Michigan or elsewhere is someone who offers a permanent solution to any number of physical ailments as opposed to ‘band-aid’ solutions such as pain medication given by traditional physicians.

Physiatrists in Michigan may also be known as physical medicine doctors or rehabilitation doctors. A physiatrist is able to treat a number of different ailments that affect all parts of the body, including the spinal cord, the skeleton, joints and nerves. Physiatrists also treat muscles, ligaments and tendons, which is why physiatrists are frequently used to treat sports injuries, especially long-term ones.

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Physiatrists Can Offer all Types of Benefits for Those Struggling with Rehabilitation

There are lots of key benefits when you consult with a physiatrist in Michigan. For a start, a physiatrist will look for functional treatments using the broad base of knowledge they have acquired via their training and their experiences.

When you work with a physical doctor or physiatrist in Michigan you will find that they are able to diagnose the source of your chronic pain be it from an injury, illness or any other kind of debilitating condition. As well as providing the necessary treatment(s) themselves, they may also refer you to other types of medical professionals who may be able to help you on your recovery journey. These medical professionals may include occupational therapists, physical therapists and others.

The prime motivation of any physiatrist in Michigan is to help you to regain the full function of any part of your body that has been affected by illness, or by physical trauma. By enlisting the services of a physiatrist in Michigan, you are giving your body the best chance of making a full and complete recovery.

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Physiatrists Offer Alternatives to Surgery and the Risks of Pain Medication Dependency

If you are suffering from a physical ailment it’s likely you may be referred for surgery or offered opiate-based pain medication. In some circumstances surgery is necessary, but it’s always advisable to consider alternatives before committing to any procedure or being given access to opiate-based painkillers.

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