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Regenerative Medicine Near Ohio

Regenerative medicine is unique in that it works to improve your body’s condition using your body’s own resources. Many times, your body is quite capable of healing itself as long as it receives a helping hand. That is precisely what regenerative medicine can do for those in the Ohio area.

If you are dealing with an unwanted aspect of your health, such as chronic pain, then you may have been told that the only solutions suitable for you are treatment via opioid-based painkillers or intrusive surgery. Regenerative medicine provides a third solution that is just as effective (and in many cases more effective) and less intrusive than surgery. There is also no danger of addiction as there is with painkillers.

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Regenerative Medicine in Ohio Can Provide a Solution to Long Term Chronic Pain

As we age, pain becomes an increasing factor in our lives. Millions of American struggle with back pain, hip pain or shoulder pain on an almost daily basis. No matter where your pain is located, dealing with it is typically a stressful experience.

Physicians typically suggest just two solutions when it comes to the management of chronic pain. The first is the administration of opioid-based painkillers. While it is certain that such painkillers do work, they carry a significant risk of addiction. Many people develop a dangerous dependency on painkillers, and the figures related to opioid addiction in the USA are extremely alarming.

The second solution is usually surgery. This can, however, sometimes be ineffective and stressful and is prone to complications.

With regenerative medicine around the Ohio area from the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we offer you a third solution that is in many ways superior to either pain management or surgery.

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Not only is regenerative medicine something of a revelation when it comes to chronic pain and combating injuries (particularly sports-related injuries), it’s also a more cost-effective solution than surgery. Painkillers may seem like the cheapest option but that’s only temporary relief – you could be buying painkillers for the rest of your life! We will provide you with a much longer lasting solution to your ailment.

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