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If you go to your physician complaining about long-term chronic pain, or that an injury which you suffered a while ago seems not to be getting any better, then the doctor will usually suggest one of two solutions – painkillers or surgery. We here at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine can tell you there is a third option – regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine near the Maumee OH area uses the body’s own resources in order to combat issues such as tissue damage or chronic pain. Not only can it be more effective than painkillers or surgery, it is usually more cost-effective too.

Avoid Surgery and Addictive Prescription Drugs

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Benefits of Regenerative Medicine in the Maumee OH Area

Your body is a marvelous machine. It possesses the ability to heal itself in most situations. However, sometimes we suffer damage that is so severe it can take the body many months to make repairs. In addition, older people may suffer injuries that an aging body finds hard to cope with.

Regenerative medicine is a process where cells are repaired, replaced or regenerated using the body’s own functioning but with a helping hand. Too often, physicians seem keen to treat the symptoms of a disease simply by deadening the unpleasant sensations caused by it. Regenerative medicine seeks to identify and address the underlying cause of any ailment.

With Regenerative Medicine Near Maumee OH You Can Take a Different Path

Painkillers are okay as a short-term solution, but there is no painkiller on the planet that can cure the underlying source of any pain. Painkillers also carry the danger of addiction, as the current ‘opioid epidemic’ in the US crucially shows.

Surgery is an alternative but not only is it intrusive and expensive, successful results can never be one hundred percent guaranteed.

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Regenerative medicine offers a better solution, and typically a much speedier one as well. If you play sports as part of your life, then you’ll know how an injury can put you on the sidelines for weeks, months and for some people, permanently. With regenerative medicine near the Maumee area we can get you back on the field of play quicker than you ever imagined.

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