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Stem Cell Therapy Near You

Would you like to finally gain relief from pain and stay away from addictive medicines for your chronic pain or disease? You may want to consider undergoing stem cell therapy near you. Why travel a long distance to get the treatment you need? Come to the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine instead, where we are specialists in stem cell therapy near you.

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We can advise you of an option that doesn’t require invasive surgery or addicting. Stem cell therapy near you is considered to be a safe, effective and affordable alternative to drugs and surgeries. It also happens to be painless, and involves the injection of your own stem cells back into the site of injury. This brings the most benefit to the patient.

The healing powers of stem cells, also known as natural powerhouses of healing potential, should not be ignored. The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine has a different alternative for you: stem cell therapy near you.

Avoid Surgery and Addictive Prescription Drugs

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A More Effective Option Near You

Many patients just like you are coming to us in search of an alternative to traditional treatments like surgery and pain medicine. It’s amazing we can use your own stem cells to better manage pain due to chronic, common orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions. This is music to your ears if you are tired of the medical community’s insistence that their condition can only be fixed with medicine and surgery.

Here at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we perform bone marrow aspiration procedures as part of our stem cell therapy procedures. Can’t fat cells be used, you may ask? Yes, they can, but for our purposes, bone marrow works best for the conditions we treat and it’s compliant with the FDA. Since the FDA does not allow for techniques that involve isolation of fat cells, we don’t do it.

How We Do It

Your visit to The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine starts with a free consultation on stem cell therapy near you. You will sit down with Dr. Nabity or Dr. Santa Ana to learn all about what to expect. You should plan for two hours for the harvest. Most people don’t need sedation but if you want IV sedation, we have the means to provide this.

Usually all you need is a little local anesthetic for mild discomfort. Then, our team will:

  • Harvest your cells with a flow cytometer and centrifuge to achieve the highest concentrations of cells.
  • Inject the harvested cells back into the injury site, through the use of a syringe.
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How Do You Benefit From Stem Cell Therapy Near You?

One major reason for choosing stem cell therapy near you is the reduced reliance on pain medication and surgery. It’s a great way to incorporate treatment plans that don’t just mask chronic pain. Yes, there is still a place for medication and surgery as part of traditional medicine. But sometimes, there’s an easier, more natural way to achieve relief from pain. In fact, stem cell therapy near you will get at the underlying cause of the problem, helping to:

  • Reduce or prevent surgery and long recovery times.
  • Repair and replace diseased, damaged tissues.
  • Generate healthy cells to replace diseased cells.
  • Reduce the need for highly addictive opioid medications associated with strong withdrawal symptoms.
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