"Pain Management Procedures Covered by Insurance"

TRICARE Offering Coverage for Both Knee and Elbow Treatments

Because our very own Dr. John Santa Ana was a military doctor, we have a strong connection and respect for the many men and women who risk their lives in various military branches. Thankfully one of the benefits of military service is access to TRICARE, a health plan backed by the US government. At MCRM, we accept TRICARE for several procedures and thought explaining this unique healthcare offering would be beneficial, as would discussing some of the regenerative medicine procedures that can be covered.

What is TRICARE?

The United States Department of Defense (DoD) offers TRICARE as a comprehensive health care program for active-duty and retired military troops, their families, and qualified survivors. The Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS) was superseded in 1993 by TRICARE, which was created to enhance the healthcare options accessible to the military population.

TRICARE provides various health care plans with medical, dental, vision, and pharmacy coverage options tailored to the individual requirements of service members and their families. The eligibility for these programs, designed for people at various phases of their military careers, is determined by elements including the member’s duty status and location.

TRICARE Prime, TRICARE Select, TRICARE Reserve Select, and TRICARE for Life are some of the most popular TRICARE plans. For instance, TRICARE Prime operates as a managed care program focusing on military treatment facilities (MTFs) as the primary healthcare providers. In contrast, TRICARE Select provides a more flexible, fee-for-service option that enables beneficiaries to select the healthcare providers they want.

TRICARE also provides plans for reservists, members of the National Guard, and their families, guaranteeing complete coverage even during periods of inactive service. For qualified military retirees and their dependents, TRICARE for Life supplements Medicare, filling this group’s coverage gaps.

TRICARE is a crucial resource that gives access to top-notch medical treatment and support to millions of military people and their families. TRICARE seeks to address the particular requirements of the military community and advance the well-being of those who have given their lives to serving their country by providing various plans and benefits.

Regenerative Medicine Procedures Covered By TRICARE

Because many active duty and retired military are dealing with knee and elbow issues, TRICARE currently covers PRP treatment for knee osteoarthritis and epicondylitis in the elbow. We’re excited about the military’s commitment to covering certain PRP treatment procedures. We hope they’ll start covering even more regenerative medicine procedures as they see positive outcomes.

What is PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy?

If you’re new to regenerative medicine, you may not have heard of PRP or platelet-rich plasma therapy. It is a process by which autologous platelet-rich plasma cells are used to boost the healing of musculoskeletal injuries, which often cause long-term pain and even physical disabilities.

While PRP therapy is a relatively new treatment, our team of Board-Certified doctors are highly trained in using the latest techniques to provide the best potential for successful patient outcomes.

Reach Out to Learn More About PRP and TRICARE Today

If you’re interested in learning more about TRICARE and PRP and what types of procedures may be covered, don’t hesitate to contact our team at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine today. We can be reached by phone at (248) 216-1008 or through our online contact form.

Please know that we’re eternally grateful for your military service and stand ready to assist you in any way possible when it comes to helping you deal with any injuries sustained during or after your time in the armed forces.

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