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What Exactly is a Stem Cell?

At The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we know all about stem cells, but we find that many regular Americans don’t know much about these extremely impactful cells. Stem cell banking is a specialty of our center. Through this effective treatment option, we’re able to help our patients manage their pain holistically should it be needed in the future. So, for those unfamiliar, we felt it was necessary to take a minute and discuss what exactly is a stem cell.

Stem Cell Basics

These stem cells truly pack a big punch! In fact, stem cells are the strongest healing cells that we have in our bodies. Research has shown that these cells are incredibly effective in fighting cancer, growing a new kidney, getting rid of wrinkles, helping you experience relief from a strained knee, etc. The great thing about stem cells is that they are able to constantly replicate themselves. They offer the ability to naturally repair and restore your body and have been shown to be effective in managing conditions like arthritis, heart damage, Alzheimer’s and even multiple sclerosis. Through stem cell banking, pain can be relieved and cartilage can be reformed to help strengthen things for the long haul. The best time to bank your stem cells is when they are young. At the early stages of life, stem cells have the ability to mold into any type of cell. When you get older, these stem cells aren’t as efficient, however they can still be very effective. Our team at The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine is constantly working to help our patients through stem cell banking, regardless of their age. Storing your stem cells now could mean that they’d be available later in life to help with a wide range of conditions, including cancer.

Importance of Stem Cell Banking

Storing your stem cells for a later use is where our team at The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine comes into play. We offer this type of stem cell storage so that you’re prepared for the long-term health of your body.  For adults, our stem cell banking process focuses on harvesting adult stem cells from your own bone marrow or adipose (fat) tissue. From there, we can store these stem cells for a later use when you may be dealing with a health issue or injury.

Simply put, it is truly amazing how impactful stem cells are. They can help you overcome an injury or even properly manage some medical conditions. Additionally, they’re able to replicate when used. So, have you considered stem cell banking so that you’re set for the future? If so, our medical staff at The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine is just the team for you. To learn more about stem cells as well as stem cell banking, pick up the phone and call us today at (248) 216-1008.

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