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3 Common Signs of Hair Loss

Are you starting to notice your hair thinning in certain areas? Are you beginning to become self-conscious about your hair? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it may be time to talk with someone from the team at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine about PRP treatments for hair loss.

Common Signs of Hair Loss

Below are a few of the common signs of hair loss to help you decide if it may be time to speak with a doctor about your concerns:

  • Thinning on top of your hair – Hair loss most often begins with thinning on the top of your head. Men typically notice thinning around the hair line, while women often notice thinning at the part in their hair. Some women however do also experience hair loss at the hairline as well.
  • Circular or patchy spots of hair loss – Some individuals may notice patchy or circular bare spots that can begin to form in both men and women.
  • Sudden hair loosening – This type of hair loss often can be attributed to some type of physical or emotional trauma. The good news though is that this type of hair loss is often temporary.

Remember Time is of the Essence When it Comes to Hair Loss

It’s important to remember that PRP hair restoration treatments are most effective when you catch hair loss early. If you have large bald spots, PRP treatments may not be a good option, but if you’re just experiencing thinning of the hair then PRP may be a superior option compared to hair transplants.

At The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine we will always be 100% honest with you about whether PRP is a good option for you. We have two board certified physicians on staff as well as a registered nurse who all have years of experience in regenerative medicine and PRP treatments. This level of experience is incredibly important when you’re dealing with something as delicate as your own hair.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late! Contact MCFRM Today!

Don’t be ashamed about hair loss. Millions of people, both men and women are affected by it every year. If you’re tired of being self-conscious about your hair, why not give the experts at Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine a call today? We’ll be happy to setup a consultation with one of our physicians to determine if you’re a good candidate for PRP hair restoration treatments. Give us a call today at (248) 216-1008.