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When you’re playing at the very top, your physical health is the most crucial factor. If you are less than 100 percent for any game, then you are not going to be performing at 100 percent and you risk being cut. Also, if you spend too long on the injured list, then there’s always the … Read more

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At the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we’re always looking for the latest advancements in treatment methods for our patients. One area where we’re seeing significant promise is using peripheral nerve stimulation for diabetic painful neuropathy (DPN). We’ve had a number of patients come into our Rochester regenerative medicine clinic looking for relief from pain … Read more

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At Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, our Board Certified physicians, Dr. Thomas Nabity and Dr. John Santa Ana are constantly investing in additional equipment and training to ensure they’re providing the highest level of regenerative medicine treatments in the country. One new procedure that we’ve added to our suite of services is intraosseous injections. What … Read more

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Tricare Now Covering PRP Treatment for Active Duty Military for Knee Osteoarthritis As you may or may not know, our very own Dr. John Santa Ana is a veteran who has worked with military personnel for decades. One of his passions is helping our armed forces members deal with chronic health issues, many of which … Read more

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Unfortunately, some regenerative medicine clinics are focused more on getting patients in and out of their offices as opposed to positive outcomes. This is one of the main reasons that Dr. Thomas Nabity and Dr. John Santa Ana started the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine. Our approach to working with our patients is much different … Read more

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The team at MCRM is proud to announce that we’re now offering a veteran and first responder discount for new patients. This discount is for $500.00 off a stem cell treatment or $100 off a PRP treatment. We hope this will encourage veterans and first responders to learn more about the many benefits of regenerative … Read more

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At The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we’re always looking for ways to help our patients improve their health both through regenerative medicine procedures, but also in other areas of their lives as well. For quite some time we’ve worked with FullScript to provide a way for our patients to purchase health supplements online. While … Read more

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Happy Holidays from Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine At The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we thought we couldn’t finish out the year without wishing all of our wonderful patients and referral partners a wonderful holiday season. 2021 has been a unique year for all of us and we’re proud that we’re still able to … Read more


Stem cells are the ‘superhero’ cells within our bodies that are capable of transforming into any other type of cell that our body needs. Most people associate stem cells with newborns, but our bodies are capable of producing stem cells for most of our lives. Stem cells are vital to a major percentage of our … Read more

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One of the reasons we started the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine is that we were tired of the way medicine has changed from a relationship based experience to an assembly line approach. It has always been our mission to provide a comprehensive consultation to each of our patients prior to any procedure. Below are … Read more