Stem Cell Treatments in Rochester Hills MI

Were you aware that your own stem cells are packed with the power to heal your own injuries? Bringing natural powerhouse healing potential to the forefront, The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine is a leader in these advancements in the local community. We see more and more patients opting to fix their chronic orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions with stem cell treatments in Rochester Hills MI every single year.

They’re opting for this approach because they’re frustrated with the medical community’s insistence that their painful condition can only be managed with Band-Aid fixes such as cortisone shots, medications and invasive surgery. Now, you can avoid addictive medications for your chronic pain or progressive disease with a safer, more effective and more affordable alternative.

Stem cell treatments in Rochester Hills MI are virtually painless, with a straightforward process that involves injecting the cells right at the injury site so they can achieve the most benefit.

Our bone marrow and fat contain the highest concentrations of stem cells, but here at The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we focus on bone marrow aspiration procedures because those cells work best for the types of conditions we treat. On top of that, we always aim to stay in compliance with the FDA, which restricts techniques aimed at isolating fat cells.

Stem cell treatments in Rochester Hulls MI are exciting because your own stem cells from your own body can be used to heal your own injuries! From plantar fasciitis, spinal disc herniations, and osteoarthritis to tendonitis, bursitis and rotator cuff damage, there is an alternative out there that can bring you great comfort.

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Avoid Surgery and Addictive Prescription Drugs

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Stem Cell Treatments: The Many Benefits

Stem cell treatments in Rochester Hills MI give our patients the chance to finally adopt a treatment plan that doesn’t simply mask the pain. Pills, surgery and cortisone injections may still have a place in traditional medicine, but we suggest there is a better way to achieve relief from pain. Consequently, stem cell treatments address the underlying cause of the problem.

What’s more, they can provide healing potential for symptoms related to joints and spine, all musculoskeletal injuries such as auto injuries and work-related injuries.

Stem cell treatments can also:

  • Repair and replace diseased or damaged tissues.
  • Generate healthy cells to replace diseased ones.
  • Reduce reliance on opioid medications, which are highly addictive and are plagued with severe withdrawal symptoms.
  • Reduce or prevent the need for unnecessary surgery and long, painful recovery times.
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Our Process: At a Glance

When you visit us at The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine for your consultation, we will go over in detail what the process entails. Dr. Thomas S. Nabity, Jr. is board-certified in physical medicine, rehabilitation and pain medicine, and he leads the team here. Check out the process in a nutshell:

Plan for just one visit, taking up about two hours of your time. You don’t even need IV sedation unless you want it; any mild discomfort is well taken care of by local anesthetic. We will first harvest your cells within our on-site lab, using a centrifuge and flow cytometer to gain the highest concentration of cells for the best results possible. We will then place the stem cells in a syringe and re-introduce them into the targeted tissue. That’s it!

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