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Nerve Pain Stimulation in Michigan

Electrical nerve pain stimulation in Michigan is a proven medical technique that uses small electrical currents to treat and therefore reduce chronic pain. There are two main types of electrical nerve pain stimulation in Michigan:

  • Peripheral Nerve Stimulation, or PNS
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation, or SCS

The technique used in both these treatments is nearly identical. A tiny electrical device known as a pulse generator is inserted under the skin and transmits electrical pulses. These pulses are sent to peripheral nerves in the case of PNS, or the spinal cord when it comes to SCS. These pulses act as ‘blockers’ which stop or reduce pain signals before they reach the brain.

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You feel pain when an area of your body is damaged or affected by disease because of the signals transmitted by the nerves in the area that is affected. Your brain interprets these signals as pain – and the more intense the pain, the worse the damage.

Sometimes though the nervous system may not be doing its job properly. It may send pain signals that are too intense and are not in proportion to the damage that has been done. It may also send pain signals when the damage has been reduced and tissues and organs have healed. This leaves patients feeling chronic levels of pain when they shouldn’t.

Nerve pain stimulation in Michigan is one very effective treatment for the problem of chronic pain. By blocking the signals at the source, the sensations of pain are reduced or removed altogether. The feelings of pain are reduced to a mild ‘tingling’ sensation as the pulse generators do their work.

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What Happens When You Undergo Nerve Pain Stimulation In Michigan

The procedure is done under local anesthetic and on an outpatient basis. A ‘trial run’ in which temporary electrodes are inserted may be performed first, just to make sure that a permanent nerve pain stimulation in Michigan treatment would be worthwhile. If successful, then permanent stimulators are inserted under the skin. Treatments then continue until a beneficial schedule of use is worked out. Patients typically use their nerve pain stimulation devices for a couple of hours, up to four times per day.

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