PRP Injections Michigan

PRP Injections in Michigan

The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine uses a revolutionary process that works through the use of your own blood by re-injecting it with concentrated platelets back into the site of injury. The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine has been treating injuries in this way for several years, helping those living with chronic pain feel better again. We help relieve anything from carpal tunnel to tendinitis to bursitis, thanks to PRP injections in Michigan.

Frustrated with popping pills or facing invasive surgery? You can still enjoy a better quality of life while decreasing reliance on drugs and surgery. Come to us to learn more about PRP injections in Michigan.

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How Long Until I Feel Better?

Not long at all. In addition to reduced reliance on opioids, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections can help you return to normal activities more quickly. Don’t worry, most people feel an improvement by the second week. Additionally, most people just need one injection but some people, such as those with a severe condition or disease, may require more than one round of PRP injections in Michigan.

Wondering how long the process itself takes? Only about a half hour once you give your blood sample. Many athletes have been using this approach for years, as they are at a higher risk for musculoskeletal injuries than others, but anyone with chronic pain can choose to undergo PRP injections in Michigan.

You’ll learn all about this in your free consultation but here’s a quick overview of what we’ll do:

  • Separate platelets from other types of blood cells, using a method referred to as concentrated centrifugation.
  • Mix together those concentrated platelets with the rest of your blood
  • Inject it back into the area of pain for speediest results.
  • Guide all injections with ultrasound or x-ray for accuracy.

PRP Injections in Michigan: Why Go This Route?

You may be wondering why you should try PRP injections in Michigan over, say, medicine, cortisone injections or surgery. PRP is advantageous over those other options because it:

  • Reduces reliance on addicting opioids and the withdrawal symptoms that come with it
  • Reduce the need for time-consuming and expensive physical therapy.
  • Is a localized injection for the best, most immediate results.
  • Allows you to get back to your normal activity level faster thanks to your body’s own healing abilities.
  • Prevents the need to undergo surgery with long periods of inactivity and lack of productivity.

PRP Doesn’t Mask the Pain

PRP injections in Michigan don’t just hide chronic pain like the way conventional injections can. When you think of the process as healing your body from within, it makes sense why PRP injections in Michigan are the go-to treatment tool for so many people. We use PRP on many types of patients, not just athletes (who have been using this for years).

In fact, it’s gaining momentum as a mainstream chronic pain management solution for all ages due to its quick preparation, injections delivery and recovery time. Full healing from start to finish can be achieved in under eight weeks.

The bottom line is, surgery and pain pills aren’t your only options. Maybe you have been living with long-term pain, discomfort and physical disabilities due to injury. Or perhaps you’re an athlete. Or maybe you sit at a desk all day performing repetitive motions and just want a solution that really works. Consider PRP injections in Michigan.

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