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PRP Injections Near You

The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, successfully treating chronic injuries using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for years, can help improve your carpal tunnel, tendinitis and bursitis symptoms. This is made possible with proven PRP injections Near You, resulting in a reduced reliance on opioids while enjoying a faster return to normal activities and sports.

Looking for PRP injections Near You? Look no further than the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine. We can help if you sufferfrom long-term pain, discomfort and physical disabilities due to injury. Athletes, too, will want to consider PRP injections Near You as an alternative to surgery.

PRP injections Near You can have these five benefits:

  1. Reduce the need for time consuming and expensive physical therapy.
  2. Allow you to return to normal activity faster due to its heal-from-within abilities.
  3. Prevent the need for invasive and expensive surgery.
  4. Reduce your reliance on addicting opioids associated with severe withdrawal symptoms.
  5. Provide localized injections for high-level results.

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Avoid Surgery and Addictive Prescription Drugs

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PRP Injections Near You: Expectations

Surgery and pain pills can provide relief from chronic pain but they come with a lot of baggage. There’s a better way, and it involves PRP injections Near You. These solutions don’t mask chronic pain like conventional injections can. Their purpose it to heal your body from the inside out.

That’s because PRP injections Near You works through the use of your own blood. We re-inject it with concentrated platelets into the injury site for more rapid healing. Here’s a look at expectations:

  • When undergoing PRP injections Near You, your platelets are separated from other types of blood cells using a process called concentrated centrifugation.
  • Concentrated platelets are combined with the rest of your blood.
  • Mixture is injected back into the injury site.
  • Our specialists guide all injections with ultrasound or x-ray for precision in PRP injections Near You.
  • Budget about a half hour once you give us your blood sample.
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PRP Injections Near You: Who Needs It?

If you have a higher than normal risk of musculoskeletal injuries, you are a good candidate for PRP injections Near You. Athletes and office or factory workers who stay in fixed positions throughout the day performing repetitive motions: these people can all benefit from PRP injections Near You.

Most people require just one injection to feel relief. Sometimes, though, it takes multiple rounds of PRP injections Near You if you have a severe condition or disease.

Budget about eight weeks for full healing, but keep in mind most people feel better in two. PRP injections Near You has been gaining more and more attention for its chronic pain management solutions. Not only is it quick to prepare and deliver, PRP injections Near You is non-invasive and is a great alternative to surgery.

Give PRP injections Near You a try if you want to decrease reliance on drugs and surgery while enhancing quality of life.

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