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Stem Cell Banking near Ann Arbor MI

Looking for a stem cell banking center near Ann Arbor, MI? Stop researching and give us a call. At the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we have everything you need for successful stem cell banking. We aim to give all of our clients the opportunity to have a long, healthy life for both themselves and their families. For this reason, we utilize stem cell banking to store those vital stem cells until you need them the most.

What is Stem Cell Banking?

The Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine is proud to offer stem cell retrieval and stem cell banking services to residents in the Ann Arbor, MI area. Research has proven that stem cells can help treat a wide array of health issues. Stem cells are known for being the strongest healing cells in our body. Stem cells have been also shown to help repair damaged tissue, damaged organs and even blood vessels. By banking the cells and saving them for when we need them in the future, we can keep ourselves happy and healthier for much longer.

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Stem Cell Banking Process

When we talk about stem cell banking, we are not referring to cord blood from babies. We are speaking on behalf of those wishing to bank their own stem cells. However, the younger your stem cells are, the more viable they become. Many people believe that retrieving your stem cells can be a painful process. At the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we negate that statement through our painless retrieval process. We use guided ultrasound and/or x-ray technology to retrieve your stem cells and safely secure them without causing any pain to you. We then filter and separate your stem cells from other cells and place the cells into suspended animation at extreme sub-zero temperatures. These cells never expire and quality patient satisfaction is always our top priority.

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Life Saving Technology Thanks to Stem Cell Banking

No matter how healthy you may be, there could come a time when stem cell treatments are appropriate for you. Stem cell injections are targeted to go into the root of your weak or injured areas and then work to heal those areas immensely faster and more effectively than other treatments.

If you are looking for a stem cell banking center near the Ann Arbor, MI area, let the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine take care of you from start to finish. For more information about our stem cell banking services, give us a call today at (248) 216-1008.

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