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Stem Cell Banking near Rochester MI

Sadly, we all have to age. With age comes a whole host of problems and discomforts including aches and pains, especially in our joints. Too often, people simply resort to pain medication or intrusive surgery in order to cure their age-related ailments. At the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine we can offer you an alternative – using your own body’s natural resources to help combat your aches and pains.

With stem cell banking near Rochester MI, you can have your natural stem cells frozen and bank them for future use when your body needs them.

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What Are Stem Cells, and How Does Stem Cell Banking Work?

Stem cells are your body’s superstar cells. They can change into many different types of cells, depending upon your body’s need. They can help with many different kinds of injuries and issues.

Unfortunately, as we age, we produce fewer stem cells and the ones we produce are not as effective as the ones our bodies produce when we were children or young adults. It, therefore, makes sense to remove stem cells from our bodies when we are younger, freeze them, and then reanimate them and return them to our bodies should we need them in the future.

The removal process is painless and does not require surgery. Adult mesenchymal stem cells are harvested from your bone marrow or your adipose (fat) tissue. They are then frozen and stored until and if they are needed.

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How Will Stem Cell Banking near Rochester MI Benefit Me?

There are a large number of physical issues that stem cells can help with. They can help treat spinal disc herniations, rotator cuff disorders, labral hip tears, labral shoulder tears, plantar fasciitis, avascular neurosis, whiplash, tendonitis, and bursitis.

Because of the banking of your stem cells, you will be able hopefully to future-proof yourself against many of the health issues listed above. You will also be able to deal with these issues without resorting to medication or intrusive surgery. Stem cell banking is a non-invasive procedure that negates the need for possible traumas and complications that may arise when using alternative treatments.

Protect Your Body’s Future Health with Stem Cell Banking near Rochester MI

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