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Did you know that it is estimated that as many as 25 million people all across the United States suffer daily because of their sensations of chronic pain from their back muscles? That number does not include the number of people who also suffer from sensations of chronic pain because of hernia repair or as they slowly recover from major surgeries such as hip or knee replacements.

The most common method used by chronic pain sufferers in order to improve their quality of life is the use of prescription painkillers. Over the last decade or so an over-reliance on pain killers and a lack of duty of care by physicians to explore alternatives as a means of pain control has caused the deadly opioid epidemic.

It is clear then that alternatives to chronic pain management is something that needs seriously to be explored. Nerve pain stimulation in Plymouth MI is one such solution that often provides highly effective results.

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Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Plymouth MI Can Solve The Majority Of Your Chronic Pain Issues

Nerve pain stimulation is not a new idea or treatment as it has been around since the 1960s. It is only though in recent times that nerve pain stimulation near Plymouth MI has become a feasible treatment for sensations of chronic pain, thanks to advances in technology.

The treatment is simple – electrodes are implanted beneath the skin close to any nerves that are transmitting the signals of chronic pain. These electrodes are then connected to a device which – when required – is capable of sending out harmless electrical pulses. It is thought that these pulses interfere with the signals that are being sent by the nerve to the brain, causing the brain to ‘feel’ chronic pain sensations.

People who have successfully undergone this treatment report that their sensations of chronic pain are replaced by feelings they describe as ‘tingling’. The patient is able to have full control over the strength and the frequency of the pulses being generated, so they can control their feelings of pain when and as they need.

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