Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Lansing MI

Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Lansing MI

Chronic pain is a problem for hundreds of thousands of Americans. There are several solutions for chronic pain, but not all are successful or desirable. Many people do not want to undergo and recover from surgery or risk the threat of addiction by using opioid-based painkillers.

Nerve pain stimulation near Lansing MI is an alternative to the typical solutions of chronic pain. It is also one that thousands of US citizens have found to be effective in combating their experiences with chronic pain.

Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Lansing MI Can Help You Cope With Chronic Pain

Nerve stimulation has already proven to be a very effective treatment for several types of physical issues, including epilepsy and to help people cope who are suffering from cancer. In recent years techniques such as nerve pain stimulation near Lansing MI have been used to help people deal with other physical ailments, such as chronic pain.

If we did not have a nervous system, then we would not feel pain at all. It is the job of the nervous system to transmit information to and from our brain, usually via the spinal column. Usually, the nervous system works precisely how it should, but often it goes wrong too. When some people are suffering from chronic pain, the strength of the pain felt is not proportional to the injury or tissue trauma that has been experienced. This is where nerve pain stimulation near Lansing MI comes in.

Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Lansing MI Is A Simple Procedure Conducted Under Local Anesthetic

With nerve pain stimulation near Lansing MI, electrodes are inserted beneath the skin close to the nerve that is transmitting the chronic pain signals. These electrodes are then used to transmit mild electrical impulses. These impulses are described as ‘tingles’ by people who have undergone nerve pain stimulation near Lansing MI, and they temporarily block the chronic pain signals being transmitted to the brain.

This procedure is not complex and can be performed under local anesthetic and on an outpatient basis. The electrodes cannot be used 24 hours a day – by working with a medical professional a patient will work out how long and how often the mild electrical impulses can be used.

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