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Nerve Pain Stimulation in Metro Detroit MI

There are two types of nerves in the human body – peripheral nerves and central nerves. Peripheral nerves are those that exist beyond the spinal column and brain. It is their job to transmit information to the central nervous system and on to the brain. One of the main functions of the peripheral nervous system is to alert the brain to organ, tissue and skeletal damage, which it does via pain.

Sometimes, the peripheral nervous system does not do its job properly. This can cause chronic pain for which a solution is needed. Nerve pain stimulation near Metro Detroit MI is one solution to the issue of chronic pain.

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Pain is a very good indicator of tissue, organ or skeletal damage, but sometimes nerves transmit a disproportionate amount of pain. Sometimes the nerves still transmit pain signals when such damage has been eradicated or reduced. Steps, such as nerve pain stimulation near Metro Detroit MI, need to be taken to help a patient cope with the chronic pain they are feeling.

Painkillers are the most common solution. The chemicals within painkillers reduce the interpretation of pain signals by the brain, meaning patients experience reduced levels of pain, or the sensations of pain are eradicated completely. The sensations caused by painkillers are so pleasant though that addiction is a real possibly, and opioid addiction can become crippling and even lethal.

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Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Metro Detroit MI Is A Much Safer Alternative To Painkillers

Nerve pain stimulation near Metro Detroit MI works by blocking the pain signals at their source. Stimulators are placed underneath the skin via an outpatient procedure under local anesthetic. When chronic pain strikes, the stimulators can be turned on, interfering with the activity of any peripheral nerves they are placed close to. This stops the ‘pain information’ from being passed to the central nervous system, meaning that those pain signals are never received by the brain.

The chronic pain is replaced by a gentle ‘tingling’ sensation. By working with a medical professional, patients can discover how often nerve pain stimulation near Metro Detroit is required, and for how long.

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