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Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Grand Rapids MI

Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Grand Rapids MI

There are several ways now that humans have developed for breaking free from the distress of chronic pain that do not involve the use of strong, opioid based painkillers which of course carry the terrible risk of addiction. One such method is nerve pain stimulation near Grand Rapids MI.

Via this technique thin wires which are around the thickness of a human hair are inserted into the body close to the nerves that are transmitting the signals that the brain is interpreting as chronic pain. These wires can then be controlled to send electrical impulses that interrupt and reduce the signals being transmitted. This means that sensations of chronic pain are greatly reduced to the brain where they become nothing more than a mild, tingling sensation.

Learn More About Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Grand Rapids MI

The use of nerve pain stimulation near Grand Rapids MI is a two-step process. This two-step approach is necessary as the technique is not effective for everyone, and there is no point in anyone going through the complete process if it is not going to solve the problem of chronic pain.

In the first instance a special needle is used to insert the wires into the body, close to the area where chronic pain is being experienced. These wires are usually left in place for a period of up to a week. They are attached to a small, external generator and the patient is asked to go about their normal daily routines. If the patient experiences chronic pain during the week, then the generator can be turned on and mild electric pulses transmitted. At the end of the week a physician will work with the patient to determine just how successful the trial stage has been.

The Second Stage Of Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Grand Rapids MI Is The Permanent One

If the patient has been classed as being suitable for nerve pain stimulation near Grand Rapids MI, then permanent wires are placed under the skin along with a much smaller generator. Remember, the signals that are generated are very gentle, so only a small device is needed. The generator can then be control via a separate device whenever the sensations of chronic pain strike.

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