Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Washtenaw County MI

Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Washtenaw County MI

Nerve pain stimulation near Washtenaw County MI is an effective treatment for chronic pain. The treatment uses a mild, electrical stimulation technique that reduces and minimizes the pain signals that are sent to the brain. This method of chronic pain management is usually offered when other treatments such as injection therapy and physical therapy have failed. It may also be offered as an alternative to the prescription of painkillers should the patient have fears over addiction.

Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Washtenaw County MI Helps With Chronic Pain

The complete nervous system with the human body is extremely complicated, but in basic terms imagine it as a series of wires that transmit information from all areas of the body to the brain. This information can be images, sounds, pressure and of course, pain.

Nerves usually work effectively but occasionally they can be damaged and begin to malfunction, which means the information they give is not accurate. This could be visual problems, auditory problems (such as tinnitus) or in the case of discomfort, chronic pain.

Pain is the brain’s way of telling you that an area of your body has been damaged or is being damaged. It motivates you to cure or stop the damage. However, damaged nerves may still send pain signals when the source of pain has been removed. This is where nerve pain stimulation near Washtenaw County MI comes into play.

Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Washtenaw County MI Deadens The Pain Signals Sent By Nerves

Via nerve pain stimulation near Washtenaw County MI small electrodes are inserted into the body under local anesthetic close to the nerves that are causing problems with chronic pain. When chronic pain is felt, devices can be attached to the electrodes that interrupt the pain signals being transmitted by the brain. As a result, the sensations of chronic pain are reduced and replaced by sensations that patients report as ‘mild tingling’.

By working with a physician, patients are allowed to work out how often, and for how long. The usual recommendation is around three to four times a day, for a period of between one and two hours.

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