Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Romulus MI

Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Romulus MI

Nerve pain stimulation is a procedure that utilizes electrical currents as a means of treating chronic pain conditions. There are two types of nerve pain stimulation – peripheral nerve pain stimulation, and spinal cord stimulation.

The process of nerve pain stimulation near Romulus MI is basically identical, no matter the type. A small device known as a pulse generator is either inserted just under the skin (peripheral nerve pain stimulation) or close to the spinal column (spinal cord stimulation). The pulses generated by the devices interfere with the nerve signals being transmitted to the brain.

Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Romulus MI Is A Treatment For Chronic Pain

Nerve signals are what tells your brain that an area of your body has been damaged or is currently being damaged. The worse the damage, the more intense the pain. Sometimes the amount of pain felt is disproportional to the damage that is/has been inflicted, or pain signals are still being sent after the damage has been dealt with, due to nerves that have been damaged themselves. Nerve pain stimulation near Romulus MI decreases or removes completely the sensations of pain.

Nerve pain stimulation near Romulus MI is usually performed via a two-stage process. The first is a temporary insertion into the skin for a ‘trial run’. The patient can then use this temporary solution to attempt to reduce the volume of the pain signals being transmitted by nerves.

Countless People Have Benefitted From Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Romulus MI

If the trial is successful, then a permanent solution is the second stage. A permanent pulse generator is inserted into the body, usually using a local anesthetic and is done on an outpatient basis. Wires from the generator are then inserted close to the nerves that are causing the problem, or into the spinal canal.

A patient and their physician will then work together in order to determine the best way of using nerve pain stimulation near Romulus MI, including working out the most effective strength of the pulses used. The most common schedule is for the pulse generator to be used for between one and two hours per session, with three or four sessions during any 24 hour period.

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