Nerve Pain Stimulation near Detroit MI

Nerve Pain Stimulation near Detroit MI

In the US, there are around 25 million people alone who suffer from the effects of chronic pain in the lower back. There are millions more who suffer chronic pain as a result of other conditions and treatments, such as knee replacements or hernia repair. The usual solution for chronic pain is a prescribed course of opioid-based pain medication, which all too often leads to addiction, even when the painkilling medication is no longer needed.

There is therefore a need for alternative solutions to chronic pain, of which nerve pain stimulation near Detroit MI is one. The concept of peripheral nerve stimulation has been around since the 1960s, but the technology was crude. Sixty years later and the technology has advanced to such a degree that nerve pain stimulation near Detroit MI is now one of the most effective treatments for chronic pain available today.

What You Need To Know About Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Detroit MI

As you already probably know, pain is transmitted by the body’s nervous system as electrical signals from areas of the body that have been affected by trauma or disease. The brain interprets these pain signals as unpleasant sensations in order to serve as motivation for the problem of the pain or the trauma to be solved.

Sometimes this system does not work as it should, especially when it comes to elder patients. The nerves themselves become damaged and no longer work properly. They may send disproportionate pain signals, or pain signals from areas where there is no longer an injury or illness. This leads to people having to lead a very uncomfortable life at the minimum or having to deal with pain that is seriously debilitating. Nerve pain stimulation near Detroit MI can ease and even eradicate the sensations of chronic pain.

Nerve Pain Stimulation Near Detroit MI, Offered By The Michigan Center For Regenerative Medicine

Nerve pain stimulation near Detroit MI involves the insertion of tiny electrodes under the skin, which is done under local anesthesia. These electrodes can then be stimulated when needed, blocking the chronic pain signals from reaching the brain. The sensation of chronic pain is replaced by a mild tingling as the electrodes do their work.

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