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Here at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine near Midtown Detroit, we understand that more often than not there is a more appropriate way to treat chronic or long-term pain than a course of opioid-based painkillers. Not only do such painkillers simply mask the source of pain without curing it, they come with the deadly risk of over-dependency and addiction.

Regenerative Medicine near Midtown Detroit MI has the potential to be the provider of a much better solution, and one that creates lasting relief to pain instead of simply dealing with and masking the symptoms. By using regenerative medicine techniques, tissues and organs can be restored to full health and normal function, leaving the patient to finally once again enjoy a life that is pain-free.

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Regenerative Medicine Near Midtown Detroit MI Is An Effective Solution For Chronic Pain Sufferers

There are lots of issues surrounding chronic pain, but one that is often understated is the psychological issue. Chronic pain sufferers truly believe that one day the pain will go away, but unless the underlying cause is identified and resolved, then the pain will persist. This can lead to low moods and even depression as people learn that for each day of their lives they will have to deal with pain. This is very hard to deal with, especially for someone who is used to leading an active life.

It is no wonder then that so many people turn to painkillers, but that is never the best solution even if painkillers didn’t come without the risk of addiction. A painful joint that is restricted in motion does not suddenly become less restricted because the pain is being masked. Indeed, without pain restricting what someone can do, it is very easy to make an underlying injury or condition even worse.

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At the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine near Midtown Detroit MI, we believe the only long-term solution to the problem of pain is to deal with the source. That’s why we use a number of beneficial techniques to help the body do what it does naturally – heal itself. There is nothing artificial about what we do, and we only ever use the natural resources that the body already provides.

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