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Regenerative Medicine near Pontiac, MI

Far too often, medical professionals refer their patients to begin a prescription drug regimen or to commit to an invasive surgery. At the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we take the opposite approach when it comes to medical treatment. In fact, we do our best to make sure that our patients avoid surgery and invasive drugs. Specializing in regenerative medicine for the Pontiac, MI community, it’s never too late to consider this holistic treatment option.

Effective Pain Relief Thanks to Regenerative Medicine near Pontiac MI

If chronic pain is something that you have to deal with on a daily basis, you’re likely eager to achieve some regular relief from this pain. While pain medication is a temporary solution, it only masks the issues that your body is dealing with. Once the pain medication wears off, you’re back in the same exact predicament dealing with chronic pain. Another issue with prescription drugs is that they can be extremely addictive. By teaming up with the Center for Regenerative Medicine, we’ll incorporate natural treatment methods to help you achieve pain relief naturally. Regenerative medicine may be a new concept for many, but it has proven time and time again to be very effective when trying to achieve natural pain relief.

Avoid Surgery and Addictive Prescription Drugs

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Benefits of Regenerative Medicine near Pontiac MI

Avoiding opioid use has never been more important. On average, approximately 130,000 Americans die because of an opioid overdose each year. The Pontiac, MI area is no exception. The problem with these pain killers is that they weren’t originally abused. They likely started as a way to achieve relief from an injury or chronic condition. These opioids, however, are extremely addictive, which is the reason that opioid abuse has become such an epidemic in America. By committing to regenerative medicine, you will have access to a safe treatment option where opioid use or invasive surgeries are not needed. At the Center for Regenerative Medicine, we take pride in offering our patients a natural and safe treatment option through regenerative medicine that helps them gain the same results as the other potentially more dangerous treatment options.

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The Total Regenerative Medicine Package

At the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we truly focus on our patient’s total well-being. Dealing with just the injury location on a patient is something that many medical professionals do. Our team of regenerative medicine specialists focus on offering the total package when it comes to our care. Our regenerative medicine services near Pontiac, MI will incorporate a wide range of offerings including proper diet, exercise, stem cell banking and much more.

You don’t have to rely on prescription medication or an invasive procedure to accomplish pain relief from the injury or condition that you’re dealing with. Instead, it is time for you to commit to regenerative medicine. As an all-natural treatment method, regenerative medicine will help you achieve relief from your chronic pain naturally. If you are in the Pontiac, MI area, look no further than the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine for an all-natural treatment option. To set up a regenerative medicine evaluation, give us a call today at (248) 216-1008.

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