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Regenerative Medicine near Wixom MI

The purpose of regenerative medicine near Wixom MI is to provide therapeutic options for a number of distressing conditions, such as persistent injuries and constant traumatic pain. Here at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine, we can offer you a number of therapies that may be more beneficial to you than traditional solutions such as surgery or pain relief medication.

Avoid Surgery and Addictive Prescription Drugs

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The Advantages of Regenerative Medicine Near Wixom MI

There are a number of advantages of regenerative medicine near Wixom MI as opposed to the solutions that your physician may suggest are suitable for you:

  • Entirely natural: Your body is a marvelous natural machine. It has the ability to heal itself from all traumas – but only if given time to do so. If you – for example – injure your shoulder working at your construction job, you cannot afford to remain off work for a lengthy period. Regenerative medicine works by enhancing your body’s natural processes, creating the means for it to heal faster than it normally would.
  • Non-intrusive: Surgery is the accepted solution to many physical problems, but the human body is simply not designed to be ‘cut into’ and to have non-natural factors introduced to it (such as replacement hips and knees). All surgeries carry the risk of complications and failure. Regenerative medicine near Wixom MI does not inflict addition trauma upon the human body and does not introduce anything unnatural to it.
  • No medication: Physicians have in the past been guilty of listening to the descriptions of the ailments described by their parents and throwing prescriptions for pain-relief medication at them as a temporary solution. As a result, hundreds of thousands of United States citizens have found themselves addicted to opioid-based pain relief medication, many of whom would never have come anywhere close to opioids otherwise. With regenerative medicine near Wixom MI there is no long-term pain-relief medication involved, so there is zero chance of a patient becoming reliant upon them.
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Consider Regenerative Medicine Near Wixom MI as the Long Term Solution to Your Ailments

If you would like to learn more about regenerative medicine near Wixom MI, then the medical staff at the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine would be happy to speak to you. You are free to call us at any time at (248) 216-1008. You may also contact us online here. We aim to respond to all messages as quickly as we possibly can.

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