Regenerative Medicine near Washtenaw County MI

Regenerative Medicine near Washtenaw County MI

The principles of regenerative medicine near Washtenaw County MI are simple to understand. The human body has been designed by nature to recover from countless ailments and injuries, and is the best tool to do so. Sometimes, our body simply needs a ‘helping hand’ in order to do what it does naturally, and that’s where regenerative medicine near Washtenaw County MI comes in.

Using the body’s natural resources is certainly more appealing than surgery, or the use of artificial agents such as opioid-based painkillers which of course carry the danger of addiction. By using regenerative medicine near Washtenaw County MI, a patient could be made to be well on their way to recovery, and in the most natural way possible.

Plenty Of Common Issues Can Be Solved By Regenerative Medicine Near Washtenaw County MI

Physicians are quick to recommend surgery as the cure to many problems and on many occasions that is true, but on countless occasions there is a more effective alternative. Not only is surgery invasive, it comes with the risk of infection plus you will need to take the time for your procedure and recovery.

Regenerative medicine near Washtenaw County MI does not come with a range of side considerations. Most techniques require only the use of a local anaesthetic (and many do not require anaesthetic at all) and are performed on an out-patient basis, leaving you free to get on with your life with hardly any disruption.

If you are suffering from painful knee, ankle, elbow or other joint issues then regenerative medicine near Washtenaw County MI could help you. You may also benefit from such a procedure if you suffer from the pain of arthritis or plantar fasciitis.

There Are A Number Of Treatments For Regenerative Medicine Near Washtenaw County MI

There are a number of regenerative medicine treatments available around the Washtenaw County area. For example, we can offer stem cell banking where your ‘super cells’ are stored ready for when and if you need them in the future, and PRP therapy where we take blood painlessly from your body and enrich its platelet count so that it can be reintroduced into areas that have been damaged or affected by disease.

Just think, your lasting freedom from debilitating pain could start with just one phone call. Why not contact the Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine today to ask about which regenerative medicine treatment option might be right for you? Contact us at (248) 216-1008, or use the online contact form available on our website.

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